Sunday, May 26, 2024

From TDA’s Workbench

Starting today I’m going to being chronicling the goings on of my hobby workbench and the different projects I’ve been working on. I’ve been writing a ton of unit reviews for Infinity lately, and think I should mix it up a bit.

Here’s the combined haul from Jon and I at Adepticon, so as you can guess I’ve been assembling a lot of miniatures lately… Thankfully a lot of it was for friends, haha. Despite my undying love for Infinity, I’ve decided that I’ll be mixing in some of my other games, including Aristeia!, Blood Bowl, Dropfleet Commander, every other week.






First up, lets talk about my main game, Infinity! After sprinting for Adepticon, I’ve shifted focus back to my USAriadna. The release of the AP HMG Blackjack and Rosie Munroe has got me extremely excited about the army, because now my collection is complete! I may go convert an Airborne Ranger with boarding shotgun, but otherwise, I have all the units and profiles that I could ever want to run in the army, it’s a great feeling.

I also have started a bit of a JSA collection, with the new JSA Army Pack, a couple Shikami, and the Domaru. I plan on continuing to build the army in the background, but they’re not on the fast-track to completion.  After building the Shikami, I really liked the spare heads and decided to use one on Nadakai to make him more Saito-like for both my Druze and JSA. On a side note, for my JSA I’ve been using the base inserts from Death Ray Designs that I picked up at Adepticon, which I’ve become a massive fan of.

Now that things are back to normal, the next thing to do is get back to painting my USAriadna, I’ve got my Grunts in a good place, already airbrushed, and ready for the rest.

Dropfleet Commander

I managed to come away from Adepticon with only one new game to play, and this year it was Dropfleet Commander. Many years ago, I was a huge Battlefleet Gothic player, with several fleets to conquer the stars. Jon and I got in a demo game and quickly discovered that it is essentially BFG 2.0, even written by Andy Chambers himself! The rules streamlined a lot of the issues I had with the original: adding ground-based objectives, so it’s not all about blowing up ships, handling elevation and atmosphere, and simplifying ordnance.

After picking up our fleets, we hooked in another player from our Infinity club, and have found out that there are quite a few DFC players in the Portland area.

Blood Bowl


I haven’t been able to get many games of Blood Bowl in lately, but my love for the game has not diminished. I’m still working on painting my Dwarf team, but lately I’ve had a bit of inspiration for one of my long-time favorites, the humans. In the front row you can see my re-posed catchers, a thrower, and behind them one of my converted Blitzers. I’ve got a couple more Blitzers to go before the team is done, but I’m happy with the little extra details I’ve added to make them more like the art. They’ll be painted in an Averland scheme, because I’m a glutton for punishment and want to deal with painting a yellow team.