Friday, June 14, 2024

From TDA’s Workbench


Another update from my workbench! This week not only have I built a few things, but I fired up my airbrush again and got to painting. Progress has been made across three games, getting paint down so I look like less of a schlub when I set up to play.


I’ve been moving forward painting all my USAriadna, right now focusing on cranking out the backbone of the army, the Grunts! I know you saw me assembling some JSA last time, but since writing that, I’ve decided that I’d rather do Ikari, which reuses most of my Druze, letting me get more mileage out of the army, without adding yet another full army of minis to my painting queue, haha.



Blood Bowl

My impatience finally got the better of me, and I bought a second Human team so that I could convert two more Blitzers, a Lineman, and Helmut Wulf. After getting it all built, I hit it with GW Averland Sunset spray and sepia wash. Still a ways to go, but first I need to decide between a yellow and black Averland scheme, or a yellow and green Stirland scheme. Averland seems to be the go-to for yellow, but having the Stirland Mud Farmers is also tempting, justifying their nice gear and equipment with the sponsorship of a corrupt count.








Dropfleet Commander

I’ve got a pair of New Orleans painted to test out my scheme ideas. I want to do zenithal lighting with the paint job, and something a little out of the ordinary for UCM. I’m between a blue-grey scheme, with white accents, and a coppery-brown. I like them both for different reasons, and find myself going back and forth. I did the glowy-bits with airbrush on the brown, which I could easily do with the blue on the grey-scheme. Same thing with making the front-to-back gradient more pronounced.