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Mission 001: Mount Up!

The First Bromad Academy mission will be to try out a new unit that dropped with Tunguska Jurisdictional Command: the Zondnautica Rapid Offensive Unit. It’s a pretty unique profile not just to us Nomads, but to the whole Infinity range. Let’s dive right in!

The Mission

Include a least one of the Zondnautica profiles in a list and try it out. Once you’ve done that, send any of the following to [email protected]:

  • Battle Report
  • Any General Opinions on the Zondnautica
  • Proxy Ideas (with pictures if appropriate)

If you’re not a Nomad player and have faced a Zondnautica, we’d also love to hear from you about what it was like to play against one!

Feel free to write us as often as you like, but you only get to enter the raffle once.  You have until the end of August 2018 to participate. Once it’s September 2018 and the next mission is posted, this one is over.

We’ve got some Micro Art Studios’ stuff to give away, and maybe some other swag as it rolls in. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

The Unit

The Zondnautica is the one and only bike available to the Nomad Nation, and it is quite unusual. Like other bikes it goes fast, has mimetism, and is regular impetuous. It also comes with a smoke grenade launcher, which definitely will help it get up the field to objectives or into your opponent’s back line. There are three profiles:

So far pretty similar to other bikes right? Well, what’s crazy about Zondnautica is that the motorcycle rider can jump off, and instead of a bike just hanging out, it turns into a G:Synchronized Zondmate REM with Smoke LGL and a Chain Rifle. So it’s a hybrid bike/Auxbot! For those of you who have faced Auxilia, you know they’re a huge pain to deal with and are a great way for PanO to deal with our midfield skirmishers and area control shenanigans.

A few rules interactions to remember with the Zondnautica:

  • They’re impetuous, so no cover. That’s what the Mimetism is for.
  • They’re also bad at dodging. -3 PH.
  • Do not hesitate to cancel the impetuous order! It’s free to do so, unlike Extreme Impetuous, and not getting shot is often better than free movement.
  • G:Synchronized troopers have to declare the same order as the controller, but may pick a different target. This goes for ARO as well.
  • The Zondnaut will be in base to base contact when dismounting or mounting the bike. Getting on/off the bike also happens at the beginning of the order, not a short skill.
  • That being said, you can dismount the Zondnaut, then move with both the Zondnaut and Zondmate and fire at will, all in a single order.
  • Make sure you won’t run the Zondmate out of range. It has to to maintain 8″ coherency with the Zondnaut, which is hard when the Zondmate moves 8″ in a short skill.

The Zondnautica fulfills different roles in Tunguska and in vanilla Nomads. In vanilla Nomads, it serves as an aggressive attack piece or Specialist, and can rely on other units like Morlocks and Jaguars to screen your deployment zone from enemy troops. In Tunguska, however, it’s the only large, lethal teardrop template aside from the Lunokhod and Szalamandra’s heavy flamethrowers. Tunguska in general lacks cheap corner guards and ablative wounds to guard your deployment zone, so the Zondnautica might be pressed into service in this role. At this point it is too early to tell!

It’s tempting to just throw the bike into the opponent’s DZ on the first turn, but sometimes it’s okay to hold back and make a run for it later, when most of the scary AROs are gone.

Example Battle Reports

Here’s a bit of battlefield data for your perusal. We’re purposely not giving you a list to try because that would be a bit against the spirit of the Bromad Academy.

Mercenary Recon Corps – Bromad Academy Mission 001

So, fellow Nomads, mount up and get some in-game experience! We’ll be here on Arachne, waiting for your thoughts.

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