Sunday, May 26, 2024

Infinity Unit Review: Tokusetsu Butai


Specialists are key to keeping your forces alive an in the game, the Ikari Company and JSA are no exception. The Tokusetsu may not be deadly killers, but are invaluable troops for ITS missions.



Stats and Special Rules

Nothing exceptional on their profile, they have a solid WIP 13, and aren’t paying any points for extra combat skills. With BS10, getting in a fire fight is to be avoided, though they can rely on the burst of their combi rifles if absolutely necessary. Courage is kinda neat if they manage to survive getting shot at, it rarely comes up, but having courage when you need it is nice.

There is something very interesting about them though, which often goes overlooked, it’s their AVA. Unlike many factions, both the doctor and engineer share the same unit entry, which are usually AVA1, since they are the same unit, and have combined their AVA, it’s possible to take two doctors or two engineers if you want. This isn’t a huge deal, but is interesting, letting you double up on doctors to keep your troops alive longer, or engineers for extra D-charges.



Doctor, or Engineer. Really, nothing remarkable, you get a solid WIP13 doctor or engineer for 14 points. The engineer comes with the expected D-charges, which is important for ITS objectives. Overall, these units are solid budget specialists, so don’t go expecting a whole lot more out of them.



On the Table

There is definitely a bit if distinction between using Tokusetsu in Ikari Company and JSA. In Ikari Company, they are cheaper than Brawlers as specialists, but also are much less flexible. In JSA they were indispensable, as the only source of D-charges (aside from Yuriko Oda), but now Ryuken fills that role quite well.

In Ikari Company, I prefer the doctor, leaving engineering to the Brawlers if I can afford the points (who have better gear to get in D-charge range).