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UK Masters 2019 Part 2 – Hitting the Tables

Hitting the Tables

In this article I’ll be posting some reviews from the tables at the UK Masters.  I’ll be adding reviews from players as they pass them to me!

1/5 Unfit for play

2/5 Playable with some significant flaws.  Basic theme/bare MDF.

3/5 Solid table.  Painted and good theme.

4/5 Good playability.  Coherent theme and well painted

5/5 EPIC play experience!

Table 1

UK Masters 2018 - 34UK Masters 2018 - 35

4/5.  I played on this table in game 3 and it played really well.  The Warmill scenery had not had all the windows removed, or they were covered up with a boarding effect, so the issues of shooting through wasn’t a problem.  There was a great “objective room” which was just excellently painted!.  There were no overpowered fire lanes and a good ability to move on ground level, and reach the higher levels.- Stuart “Sam2064”

Table 2

UK Masters 2018 - 36UK Masters 2018 - 37

3/5.  I played on this table in game 2.  It was a mix of sources including foam core pre-printed buildings and some plastic/resin casts.  The large square building looked particularly good.  It played quite well, although there were some long diagonal fire lanes to watch for, although the large centre building helped create an ARO shadow.  The overall theme was a little eclectic, but it was a solid table to play on!- Stuart “Sam2064”

Table 3

UK Masters 2018 - 38UK Masters 2018 - 39


Table 4

UK Masters 2018 - 40UK Masters 2018 - 41


Table 5

UK Masters 2018 - 42UK Masters 2018 - 43

Table 6

UK Masters 2018 - 44UK Masters 2018 - 45

Winner of Best Table!

Table 7

UK Masters 2018 - 46UK Masters 2018 - 47

2/5.  Played on this table in game 1.  Warmill.  Definitely a work in progress.  One DZ had very poor cover from small buildings.  The fire lanes under the bridge were very open.  The bridge was also not very accessible with only one point where there were ladders.  With a few tweaks this would be great. The bridge did however create some good ARO shadows from roof top sniper positions.- Stuart “Sam2064”


Table 8

UK Masters 2018 - 48UK Masters 2018 - 49


Table 9

UK Masters 2018 - 50UK Masters 2018 - 51

My table – so really can’t comment on it.  Played on this in game 5.- Stuart “Sam2064”

Table 10

UK Masters 2018 - 52UK Masters 2018 - 53


Table 11

UK Masters 2018 - 54UK Masters 2018 - 55

3/5.  Played on this table in game 6.  A mix of buildings and styles, so a bit eclectic in overall theme.  Quite a tight table in places, and could benefit from being a little more spaced out.  Could do with a taller centre building.- Stuart “Sam2064”

Table 12

UK Masters 2018 - 56UK Masters 2018 - 57


Table 13

UK Masters 2018 - 58UK Masters 2018 - 59

3/5.  An interesting concept.  The whole hill area was mountainous terrain (Difficult).  All of the greenery were Jungle (Low Visibility, Saturation, Extremely Difficult).  Good use of the terrain rules, but sometimes slowed the game down and created a bit of confusion. The hillside did offer a very tempting sniper position which could see across the entire table.  The DZ’s one one side was very sparse. – Stuart “Sam2064”