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Battle Reports

UK Masters 2019 Part 3 – Day 1


Game 1

  • Mission: Supplies
  • Opponent: Tim “TheResponsibleOne”
  • Faction: Druze
  • List: B

UK Masters 2018 - 11

Just as we were getting set I, I joked with Tim that as the only representatives of London and the South East we would play each other… and we did!  I hadn’t played Tim in a while, last time being at War of the Worlds I think. Tim had taken on a new army, Druze!

The table was “Interesting”… At first I was very concerned at how open it looked, but the raised highway across the centre did create a shadow which did offer quite a bit of cover from roof tops to ground, but the ground level fire lanes were very open.

Tim won the initiative and decided to choose to deploy second, and chose the side with the good cover and larger buildings.  In typical JSA fashion I went first.

The table side I had was really hard to deploy bikes on.  There was no way I was going to use their impetuous orders… I set up my Keisotsu link defensively.  My Ninja went out on the right flank right next to a crate which was nicely in a buildings shadow.  I held back Yo Jimbo.

Tim set up his Druze core fireteam at ground level with a Brawler MSV2 with a view on the centre and left side crates.  He has a War Cor on the roof over the fire team and Le Muet MSV1 Sniper on a roof top.

Tim failed an infiltration roll to get Saito up onto the overpass next to my Ryuken and went back to his DZ.

I placed Jimmy down out of LoF of the sniper, and Tim placed a Peacemaker HSG and Auxbot right next to the box where my ninja was…

UK Masters 2018 - 10

Turn 1

I cancelled all the impetuous orders of the Aragoto as they would run straight into the MSV2 sniper. Jimmy used his, and rode up, trying to launch a smoke grenade over the box but failed, and managed to shrug off a flashpulse.

One strategy to take down MSV2 snipers is simply to apply high burst… The Keisotsu HMG stepped up and took a B5 sot at the sniper and got his head blown off… not a good start. Reforming the link team, I took option 2 and bought up the Keisotsu Missile Launcher… who got her head blown off.

Plan B…

Yo Jimbo moved up and managed to get smoke down over the crate, again making a save from a Fugazi Flashpulse.  With the smoke down the Ninja engaged the Auxbot safely in CC and took it out.

UK Masters 2018 - 20

She then picked up the crate and RAN! Straight back and up the ladder onto the overpass, covered by a Ryuken.UK Masters 2018 - 22

With the last couple of orders in CG2, Jimmy revved into action and went straight for the Peacemaker HSG, cutting it down.

UK Masters 2018 - 21

With only a couple of orders left I took a big risk and ran my Spitfire Aragoto straight out at the Brawler MSV, getting inside 24” with its 8” move… and he got his head blow off… but he did reveal that Le Meut was infact a cheaky HP1 Bashi Bazouk!!!

UK Masters 2018 - 23

Last order was to co-ordinate suppression and place my Ryukens, Kiroshi and a back line Keisotsu in suppression.

Turn 1 Druze

Tim led off by walking on an AD: Parachutist Bashi Bazouk.  He came on in LoF of my Kempeitei SMMR and the WarCor who both took shows at holoechos.  When he activated to move I, I delayed, and the Bashi took a shot at the Kempeitei SMMR but was taken down, SHOCK DEAD.

UK Masters 2018 - 24

The Druze link team went into action.  Due to my poor placement the Brawler MSV2 Sniper took the head off my Aragoto BSG without even moving.  The team then moved off towards the mid ground.  The HMG took down my Kempeitei SMMR.  The Brawler MSV2 Sniper then went for my Ryuken under the bridge in Suppression Fire, and got killed! Shock, Dead!

Down to a 4 man link team, Tim realised his HMG could not hit the Ryuken at flat ranges due to a -12 mod! He reformed the link with a spare Druze Hacker back to 5 and sent a Speculative Attack with an EM grenade in which missed but force the Ryuken to dodge and break suppression.

He moved in his Hanzakut in camo and took a shot at the Ryuken who once again won and killed the Hanzakut SHOCK DEAD!

Turn 2 JSA

Kuroshi cancelled her impetuous but Yo Jimbo went for it but was cut down by ARO’s when he rolled 18 for smoke!

Time for the Ryukens! The guy on the bridge stood up and then took out the Bashi on the roof and then moved on and got a shot to take out the Druze Hacker, SHOCK DEAD!  Now back down to a 4 man link, the Ryuken under the bridge came out and killed the Druze HMG, SHOCK DEAD!

Low on orders the Ryuken decided just to hang out in the open and take on the remaining Druze in ARO.

Turn 2 Druze

This was becoming a war of attrition!  He moved up a Pathfinder Sensor REM and took a shot at my Ryuken on the bridge and got a hit, putting him down.

UK Masters 2018 - 25

The Druze/Brawler 3 man fire team tried to take on my Ryuken but couldn’t land a hit.

A last Bashi walked on but got gunned down by the Ryuken!

Finally he went on a run with Saito and performed a CasEvac on the AuxBot for the Rescue Classified.

Turn 3 JSA

I was running out of order and attack pieces, so I threw the mysterious Kuroshi Rider into the mix. She went forward with her impetuous order and manager to gun down the Druze LGL and not get Flash Pulsed by the WarCor. She next cut down the WarCor.  The Druze Doctor was behind a S3 height wall so she hopped off her bike and took a burst into him but he saved.  She then backed up and took another shot but he saved again.

Running low on orders, I suddenly realise that his Lt can only be one model!  The last non-specialist Brawler on the table, so she swings out on her bike and guns him down.  With the last few orders she grabs a crate and rides off!

UK Masters 2018 - 27

Turn 3 Druze

Loss of Lieutenant. With only one command token left, he tried a gutsy move sending Saito up the table to take on Kuroshi, but he takes a long range CRIT!  Last desperate act, the Druze Doctor runs at the central box but gets cut down by 4 ARO’s.

Final Score

Stuart – Complete Victory. 3 TP.  7 OP (More boxes, 2 Boxes, Opponent has no boxes).  VP 144

Tim – Loss.  0 TO. 0 OP. VP 44

A very bloody start!

The Surviors

UK Masters 2018 - 28

UK Masters 2018 - 29

Game 2

  • Mission: Acquisition
  • Opponent: Greg “ThePlasticCrack”
  • Faction: Tohaa
  • List: A

UK Masters 2018 - 61

UK Masters 2018 - 62

Time for a BLOG OFF!! Strategos Level 3 vs The Plastic Crack.

I won the initiative, I knew the sensible thing was to take turn order and go second, but with a 10 order list I wanted to get a full 10 orders of punching Tohaa in the face in turn 1! That’s the JSA way!

I deployed first, placing my Tanko Core Fire Team into the south eastern corner.  The Missile Launcher and Flammenspear Tanko were set up in a stacked ARO position with a LOF across the table centre.

Greg set up second and choose deployment.  He spread a mix of triads out across the table.  Greg also deployed a Sakeul ML triad with a LoF onto my Tanko ML.  He placed his Gao-Rael Spitfire MSV2 link into the centre

My holdback was Saito Togan, who deployed right on the 24” line in striking distance of a triad of Hatail Aelis Kessan, a Kamael and Kumotail, and a Rasail and its Chaksa.  A nice wall blocked this section of the table off.

Greg held back a Nikoul Sniper, placing him up high in the north eastern cover with LoF on my Tanko ML and Tanko Flammenspear.

I selected Neko Oyama as my Data Traker.  Greg chose Kessan.

Turn 1 JSA

Saito went straight into action.  He moved in a marked state 4” and 2” prone to get out of LoF of any Tohaa.  He the popped a smoke grenade over the Rasail and Chaksa, then popped another smoke grenade over the Kessan Traid.  6 orders later, they were all dead, exploded by his EXP CCW and a fair amount of CRITS!

Turn 1 over!

UK Masters 2018 - 69

UK Masters 2018 - 70

Turn 1 Tohaa

Now down to 6/2 orders, Greg dropped his Nikoul and Kaeltar (CoC) into the main combat group.  He knew he had to hunt down Saito!  So he activated a Gao-Rael Spitfire/Makaul/Kumotail triad and started moving back after Saito.  The Gao-Rael got into a firing position, but with Saito’s dodge he took only 1 hit and made his ARM save.  The Gao-Rael went again, but this time Saito fluffed his engage on a 15 and got cut to shreads.

With few orders left to spare, Greg got the multiscanner placed.

Turn 2 JSA

The Karakuri/Domaru Haris went to work.  The moved up the table carefully in cover, to avoid the Nikoul Sniper, and a Sakeul Missile Launcher, and made it to the central building.  The Karakuri Mark 12 then popped out and took a shot at the Gao-Rael, taking out his Symbiont Armour, but he dropped drone out of LoF. The Karakuri Mk 12 then walked his fire onto the Komotail and put him down.

Turn 2 Tohaa

Down to 7 orders.  Instead of taking on the Karakuri MK12 with the Gao-Rael spitfire he instead moved him to contact with the eastern Antenna, controlling it.

The Makaul from that link, threw out some eclipse smoke and managed to engage my Karakuri Mk12, but with a BTS of 6 the Karakuri managed to shrug off the viral CC attack with only 1 wound.

He shifted focus to take on the Domaru/Tanko core fire team hoping to open up the table.  His Nikoul fired one shot at my Tanko  ML and Tanko Flammenspear.  The range was 43” putting me out of good range with both.  Both took a viral hit!  The Tanko ML took 1 wound and dropped prone out of sight. The Tanko Flammenspear failed both BTS saves and went down.

With his last order he tried to kill the Karakuri again with the Makaul but failed.

UK Masters 2018 - 72

Turn 3 JSA

Now came the tough part! As I went first I needed to secure the central tech coffin.  Unable to move my Tanko ML without taking ARO’s from both the Nakoul Sniper and Sakeul ML, I reformed the link to only include my Tanko Blitzen, Neko Oyaman and Domaru Spitfire.  The Sukeul ML had a narrow LoF right down the table, but thanks to the change in rules, the entire link team of 3 all did a Cautious Move across the LoF! This left them free to run up and into to the central building.

UK Masters 2018 - 71

I still had the Makaul to deal with.  My Domaru with EM/Shock CCW did an Assault on him, gaining the friends in melee bonus. The Makaul took an EM hit but tanked the ARM save.

UK Masters 2018 - 73

Low on orders, I used Nekos Lt order to join the fight and this time took out the Makaul! I then realised my mistake.  Neko was in the open.  So he ran back in to get into contact with the tech coffin, but the Nikaol Sniper missed his shot.

Spending my last command token I formed a new fire team with the Domaru Spitfire, Tanko SMG/Blitzen and Domaru (Haris) EM/Shock CCW, leaving Neko on the tech coffin.

Turn 3 Tohaa

Down to 6 orders.  He put everything on the Sakeul ML/Kumotai/Kaeltar Triad.  The Triad moved up, but I got an ARO on a Kumotail and took him down. That was important as it got the burst down.  It took 3 orders before the Sakeul ML could draw LoF on my Tanko SMG/Blitzen, but he managed to plant 2 blitzen shots on her – so she shrugged of her Symbiomate! Going for broke, she moved out to get a shot on Neko with her ML, taking ARO’s from the Domaru Spitfire and Tanko SMG (now unloaded).  Needing a 13 to hit Neko, Greg rolled a 14!  The Sukael took an SMG hit and lost her Symbiont Armour.  Last order, the Sukael fired again rolling a 15 and missed!

UK Masters 2018 - 74

Final Score

Stuart – Partial Victory. 2 TP. 4 OP (Controlled Tech Coffin, with data tracker.  -1 not placing Multiscanner).  VP 216

Greg – Loss.  0 TP.  2 OP (Controlled Antenna.  1 classified).  VP 99

A lucky win!

The Survivors

UK Masters 2018 - 75

UK Masters 2018 - 76

Game 3

  • Mission: FrostByte
  • Opponent: Radek “RadekKedar”
  • Faction: Yu Jing
  • List: A

UK Masters 2018 - 82

FREEDOM!  A JSA vs Yu Jing grudge match.  Things where getting scary now.  Some how I was on top table (or 2ndtop).  Radek was on 6 TP with a 7-2 and 10-0 win!

I won initiative and chose to go first. Radek deployed second.

I put my Domaru/Tanko ML in a corner, with the Tanko NL prone on top of a double stack of crates, I deployed very mindful of the blast template of the Liu Xing’s blast, and any drop troops.

Radek put out not a great deal!  A Chaiyi Flash Pulse REM, 2 Pangguling Baggage bots, 4 Kuang Shi, 3 Shaolin Monks, a Celestial Guard SGL/KSCD, and a bunch of camo markers.

Radek placed a Su Jian as his holdback, ready to run straight down the centre.  I decided to be safe and place Saito at the edge of my “Dead” zone, rather than do the PH-3 to get him into Radeks “Dead” zone.  I was also concerned as there were a pair of camo markers in the dead zone, one out in the open and obviously a mine.

UK Masters 2018 - 79

Turn 1 JSA

Following my game plan, Saito took point.  Radek had left out no ARO pieces – but there was always the fear of a Hac Tao HMG or ML out there.  I had mentally added up his courtesy list and came up a good 150 points short!

Saito moved up, then did a discover/shoot on the obvious mine from a safe distance, and nailed it!

UK Masters 2018 - 86

He then was free to move up until he go near the Camo marker (the minelayer).  He threw smoke over him, and then moved on throwing Smoke over the Su Jian and “Dead” zone heater.  He butchered the heating unit, and with 2 orders left moved in and managed to take down the Su Jian to Unconscious.  With no Engineer on the table, he wasn’t coming back!

UK Masters 2018 - 88

Turn 1 Yu Jing

In the Impetuous Phase Saito drew all the 3 monks and 4 Kuang Shi out towards him, but due to goo placement, none got killed.

He then moved up a Kuang Shi to take him on, but he dodged, but left his back to the Camo marker, who revealed to be a Liberto LSG who nailed him in the back.

Free of Saito, Radek successfully combat Jumped a Liu Xing BSG behind the creates where my link team was (not catching anyone in his explode level X).  He then moved around taking on my Tanko Flammenspear.  The Tanko pulled his pistols and managed to hold the Liu Xing at bay for 4 orders before going down.

UK Masters 2018 - 89

The Liu Xing then did a Coup De Grace for Extreme Prejudice. Radek only had enough orders left to get one shot on my Data traker Tanko SMG and caused a wound.

UK Masters 2018 - 90

With his second combat group he reveal a TO camo marker and moved it up the table towards the central console, but didn’t have the orders to activate it.

Then came the big guns. A Hac Tao HMG.  He revealed and took a shot at my Tanko ML, but only managed to get one hit.  Low on orders he ducked back and went back into a TO camo state.


Turn 2 JSA

I was down 2 orders with a Liu Xing on top of my link team… Time for some creative thinking.  Rather than activate the whole link and risk my Tanko Datatracker, I spent a command token to reform the link, so it only included the Domaru Spitfire, Neko Oyama and Tanko ML.  The Domaru Spitfire was the furthest away so swung out and put 5 spitfire shots into the Liu Xing, leaving him as a smear of the floor.

Now safe to move up, the Karakuri/Domaru Haris moved off.  The Mk12 took the high ground on a walkway, followed by the Domaru, while the Karakuri HGS stayed on the ground ready to go for the console.  The Mk12 managed to take out the Libertis and a Monk from his high spot.

UK Masters 2018 - 91

The Karakuri MK12 then took a risk.  He did a jump onto a roof and then moved up to see a prone Camo marker on a balcony at the back.  Now as the Hac Tao HMG didn’t have Executive Order this meant this was the only possibly for his LT (A Daoying).  The Karakuri got a LoF and did a discover shoot, but failed…

Turn 2 Yu Jing

With the Karakuri up high in ARO I was able to take out another monk and a Kuang Shi in ARO, while one monk threw smoke uncontested to block my ARO’s on the others.

The TO Camo Marker, moved up prone and activated the central console (revealing as a Ninja KHD) turning on the heater in Radek’s DZ.  He then went back into TO and moved back into the safety of a building.

The HMG moved to shoot the Karakuri MK12, who managed to hit the Hac Tao landing a wound, before being taken out, but this did take 4 orders! The Hac Tao then went back into a TO Marker state.

He also moved his Camo Marker (Possible Lt) off the balcony and into the building.

Turn 3 JSA

Into the last turn, I sensed an excellent, but risky strategy – true JSA style!  Still with no ARO pieces on the board out, I was able to co-ordinate orders and move my Karakuri HSG, Domaru and Tanko SMG Data tracker up the table.  The Tanko Data Tracker got into the “Fro-zone”, and the Karakuri FO HMG got into contact with the central console and activated my DZ Heating unit.  The Domaru went Lieutenant hunting!

UK Masters 2018 - 92

My Domaru from the Haris was now able to make a run along the walkway and into the buildings and into LoF of the Camo (LT) marker.  The Camo marker didn’t ARO, and the Domaru did a successful discover!  It was a Daoying Hacker and obvious LT.  The Domaru activated again and did an Assault (I didn’t think he was inside 4” for a move attack), The Daoying ARO’d with Oblivion, and then won the face to face roll vs my CC attack (CC23 MA3!).  The Domaru failed his BTS and was isolated… so close!

UK Masters 2018 - 93

With only an order left, the Domaru/Neko/Tanko ML Fire Team moved up to cover the approach to the Tanko Datatracker, and to be out of LoF of the Hac Tao.

Turn 3 Yu Jing

With few options left, Radek went with the Ninja KHD.  He moved the Ninja out of the buildings, in TO marker state, towards my Tanko Data Tracker. The Ninja crossed the LoF of my Domaru Spitfire in marker state (my Domaru tried to discover and failed).  The Ninja then got into LoF of the Tanko and did a surprise shot with his TacBow, I ARO’d with my SMG on 4’s… CRIT the Ninja went down – SHOCK, DEAD!  Game changer!

UK Masters 2018 - 94

His last shot was a Kuang Shi.  With 4 orders left, he moved out into LoF with the Tanko and attacked with pistols. I ARO’d with the SMG back, lost the F2F but tanked the ARM.  He moved up and this time did a Chain Rifle, I ARO’d with the SMG and we both ARM saved. Again, he activated, going with pistols, and this time the Tanko won the F2F and put the Kuang Shi down, SHOCK, DEAD!

Such a tense finish!

UK Masters 2018 - 95

Final Result

Stuart – Complete Victory. 3 TP.  10 OP (More AP Killed 179. Secured Fro-zone, Killed enemy data tracker). 1 Heater Active. Secured HVT). VP 198

Radek – Loss.  0  TP.  2 OP (AP Killed 102. Heater Active. 1 classified). VP 161 (double baggage!)

The Survivors

UK Masters 2018 - 96

UK Masters 2018 - 97

End of Day 1

Such a great result day 1, with more than a little luck.  There were now three players tied at the top on 8TP.  James “Murkage” on 23 OP, Mike “Reyzah” on 22 OP (who would be top table) and me on 21 OP.  Next was Adam “East of Irene” on 7 TP, 21 OP – my opponent for Game 4, day 2!