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Battle Reports

McMurrough’s Side Act


We were playing a preparation game for a 200pt tourney coming up.

My Corregidor consisted of

  • Mcmurrough
  • Wildcat spitfire
  • Wildcat assault hacker
  • Wildcat engineer
  • Wildcat lieutenant
  • Lupe Balboa
  • Hellcat spitfire
  • Jaguar chain rifle
  • Jaguar chain rifle

My opponents NCA

  • Aguila
  • Bolt
  • Bolt
  • Black Friar
  • Fusiler
  • Fusiler
  • Fusiler
  • Fusiler
  • Pathfinder
  • CSU

Having never played this mission before I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect or which is the best course to play (ie go first or second).

I lost Lieutenant roll and my opponent decided to choose deployment, therefore I decided to go first.

My first turn I dropped my Hellocat into a position in his deployment where I didn’t receive any ARO’s then proceeded to try and kill a Bolt which I failed to do.

I then moved my Wildcat core up the board and started trying to take some objectives but failed the rolls miserably.

My last couple of orders I moved Mcmurrough up the field whilst keeping cover.

During my opponents first turn he moved up his Aguila and Bolt harris taking one of the objectives on his way through.

He was able to take out a Wildcat engineer of mine in the process but not much else was achieved.

My second turn I realized his Aguila was in ZoC of my Wildcat assault hacker, I decided to activate the assault hacker to hack his Aguila but wasn’t smart enough to realize that one of the Bolts in his harris was a killer hacker. I continued on with the hacking but I succumbed to his killer hacker.

Having put his Aguila into immobilized state I attempted to move my Lupe Balboa into the console to connect but went unconscious in the process.

At this point I realized that I no longer had any specialists to actually complete the mission, so I decided it was time for McMurrough to go get some kills in CC.

Mcmurrough moved up the board using some smoke to cover his approach and sat behind another building to finish my turn 2.

My opponent was able to activate some more consoles in his turn to take full control of the game.

My 3rd turn I knew the game was lost (given I had no specialists) I decided  my only course of actuion was to continue the Mcmurrough rampage.

I managed to round the corner and get into CC with several of my opponenents main core group.

Mcmurrough doing what he does best was able to take out all he could with the limited orders he had left.

I lost the game but had lots of fun and learnt some with regards to my list and game style.
As you can see in the picture above Mcmurrough was successful in taking down 4 members in CC

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my report.

Chucky (from Western Australia)

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