Thursday, June 13, 2024

Suit Up

Finding the Right Fit For Your List

Lists in Infinity are like suits.

When you go to a store that knows what they’re doing to buy a suit, you’re going to get it tailored. It’s going to be adjusted and modified to suit your needs and preferences so that it fits perfectly. If you grab a suit from your friends closet? Probably not going to fit very well. Grabbing one fresh off the rack from the store? It might fit okay, but there are gonna be things that are off.

The same goes for lists in Infinity. If you take a list from the internet, it’s not going to be tailored to your playstyle, skill level, or what you’re comfortable with. Taking the time to really tailor a list to suit you and your personal strengths/weaknesses is a huge component of finding a list that really grooves with you and the way you play. This is why net-listing doesn’t really work for Infinity.

So how do you go about tailoring a list to you? First, you have to start to figure out what your playstyle is. Before you start trying to define every element of your play, we don’t need to get super specific here, we just need to figure out what elements you really enjoy/feel confident with. A broad playstyle example could be “camo skirmisher heavy” or “elite board control” or “Tarpit Swarm.” Playstyle still isn’t that easily defined, but it will give you a starting point. Figure out what types of troops you like to use and how you like to use them and start from there.

Take those units you gravitate towards and build support around them. Find other units that synergize well with them and help them achieve their goals. If you love combat jump troops and want to get the most out of them, try to include either an EVO or Hacker that can use controlled jump, for example. Utilize a long range unit that can punch a hole for your AD to drop into, or maybe utilize infiltrators to clear out or protect an area for them.

Experiment with “unpopular” or “unoptimized” choices too, you may find something off the beaten path that is perfect for you and your play. I can’t stress this point enough. I’ve found numerous units/profiles that the community at large has written off as “useless” or “inferior” and found uses for them that no other troop can fill.

Get ideas from other players. Find out what they like, and most importantly why they like it and how they use it. The “why” and “how” are the most vital pieces of information you can get as they give you some insight into what they use that troop for. If someone says “I love Guilang FOs, I always take one” and doesn’t give you context, you might miss out on the fact that he also runs multiple hackers and relies on the deployable repeaters to take on targets with hacking attacks. The “why” and “how” will tell you if that troop will fill a role that you want/need in your list.

After you’ve got something together, try it on.

Get some games in and get a feel for things. Find out of the order pools are too restricting, if you really could use another pocket over here, or of you need to shorten the cuffs to trim excess material. A skilled tailor can figure all of this out very quickly, but that takes experience. For the less veteran of us, it will take more time, but keep playing and keep getting closer to finding exactly what fits you best. Taking the time to get your suit tailored and fit to your preferences will ensure it is comfortable and effective in any situation.