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Mission 014 Report: Asteroid Blooper Reel

Well, the campaign is now long over, and Defiance hype has taken the Infinity community by storm. We over here at the Bromad Academy have already pledged, and encourage you to do the same if you’re interested in some hot Human Sphere on Shas action! The updates are coming hot and heavy, and I gotta say that we’re Jazzed (eh? eh?) about certain Infinity character profile reveals!

But, we would be remiss if we didn’t do a quick wrap up on the Asteroid Blues campaign from the Nomad perspective.

Behind the Scenes

Levi Blackburn

PanO accused us of infiltrating their territory to steal some of their secrets. Of course, this never happened, as documented here!

Warning: Security Breach

Definitely no nefarious schemes at all. :3

Again, a huge thanks to Admiral JCJF for collaborating on this fun little narrative!

The P-0NY Project

All credit goes to to Del S for this one, along with Adam (TheDiceAbide) for putting together the requistion form. When O-12 asked for additional grievances, Del S asked for a pony! Even after filing the proper paperwork… it was immediately denied by O-12…

Desanges of course piled on with a tour by DJ P-0N1E!

And nehemiah offered some concept art for a Nomad P-0NY unit… hmm…

Waqf al-Badawi

Haqqislamite commander Errhile opened a humanitarian aid station to aid Nomad forces who were under siege the whole campaign in The Gorge. As he put it:

Any Nomad citizen in need of medical or humanitarian aid that – due to current hostilities – will turn up at our medical stations, will be provided such, as far as our resources allow.

We deeply regret that we cannot provide evacuation assistance for those in need who are still inside Cosmika HQ territory, but if you can make it to Pakngein Nbis Hangar and request medical or humanitarian help, you won’t be turned away.

This is an unilateral, goodwill initiative of lower-level Haqqisalmite commanders. We hope it will be sanctioned and supported by the Haqqislamite High Command, but such decisions take time, and we do not want to sit idle while Nomad citizens suffer.

We have also asked the HHC to excercise the authority bestowed upon them by the Hachib, and approve estabilishment of a waqf to help us fund this humanitarian action, insallah. Until that happens, the operation will be funded from our personal assets.

Please also note that, while we oppose Aleph actions in Nomad territory, Aleph personnel in need of medical attention due to operations in The Gorge will be treated as dictated by the International Law of Armed Conflict.

According to Waqf al-Badawi records (as a charity NGO, we are bound to keep these records public) there are minimal numbers of Nomad military personnel among the refugees. And the majority of them require lengthy hospital care.

Nomad civilians in our care are, of course, free to move on however and wherever they please.

Nomad military personnel we are bound to treat in accordance with International Law of Armed Conflict – as warring faction’s combatants in neutral territory. This means custody over them is taken by Sword of Allah, and they are put in internment facilities until they can be repatriated after cessation of hostilities.

It breaks my heart to see brave Nomad soldiers refused the chance to fight for their Nation in such a fashion, but as mentioned, it is rare to find one of them who isn’t going to be bed-ridden for several following weeks.

Note that any other warring factions’ military personnel that happens to turn up at Waqf al-Badawi aid stations is treated along the same procedures. The law is the law.  

At the time of this writing, the official, Corvus Belli sanctioned report is still pending, but I can safely say that Haqqislam did an amazing job as a faction both in points and in roleplaying.

Meme Contest

Thanks to Lady Numeria, YueFei23, and Desanges for submitting memes during the campaign! I’ll be sending each of them a Bromad Academy patch!

A big thank you everyone who took part in the Asteroid Blues campaign! You are what makes this community amazing! Stay tuned for our regular Bromad Academy missions, coming soon.

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