Sunday, May 26, 2024

Morat Aggression Force Compendium


Morats have a special place in my heart. They are often misunderstood, maligned, and made fun of in the community. In my experience however, this comes from some fundamental misunderstandings of what the Morat Aggression Force is about. It can be easy with a name like that to think that they rush up the table and punch faces. If you want an army like that, then I’d suggest you check out Steel Phalanx. No, the Morat Aggression Force is an army about reliability and understanding the basics.

To win with Morats means to have an incredible command of the fundamentals of the Infinity game. Their units are fairly straight forward, with few tricks, but they also stay where you put them, and can be incredibly forgiving should your Lieutenant go down, or you be put into retreat. It’s actually those last two things which people often take for granted, but can win the day for particularly cunning Morat generals.



Battle Reports

Light Infantry

Medium Infantry

Heavy Infantry