Friday, June 14, 2024

New Edition, New StarCo

N4 is surely bringing a lot of changes to the game, and with that many people will be rediscovering their factions and their playstyle. With the new edition, I will be diving back into StarCo and relearning the game we all love. My plan is to document my thought process and my experience learning the ropes with StarCo in N4. This includes new unit breakdowns and tactics discussions for the new edition.

There are a few changes that have been teased that I’m really excited about when it comes to StarCo.

  • Hacking: the overall reduction in the number of devices and programs coupled with more flexibility in the use of hacking with non-hackables has been itching to play with the cyberwarfare elements of StarCo. Spotlight being usable in ARO is really going to change how hacking is used to defend in the reactive turn. Hacking is one of my favorite elements of N3 and I’m excited to see how it shapes up in N4.
  • 15 unit limit and point reductions: this is really going to shake up the meta. People will now be bringing more elite units more often, and the opportunity cost of a combat group “slot” becomes a resource you need to manage as well. This likely means more HI/TAGs will see the table, and since I love hacking, it likely means a more target rich environment for my playstyle.
  • MSV1 and Smoke: being able to shoot through smoke with MSV1 (albeit at a -6) is a big change for StarCo as the Riot Grrls and Knauff have both upped their usefulness. Seeing how these play out will be very interesting.
  • Shotgun changes: giving every shotgun a burst 2 dtw is really going to change up the dynamics of close quarters engagements (especially when paired with msv1 troops and smoke).

What changes are you most excited about? What are you hoping to see when the new edition becomes available in Sept 25th?