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Mission 029: New Year, New Leaf

It’s a new year, and it’s time to try some new stuff! Tabletop Simulator has ushered in an area of experimentation in Infinity as you can try models or even factions you don’t own out on the table.

Let’s focus on one particular thing though. We’ve all got that profile that we didn’t like in N3, or still don’t like in N4. It’s in Army for a reason though and it can still do things on the table. So let’s push ourselves a little bit and try something maybe “sub optimal.”

It can even be a profile that’s changed a lot between N3 and N4, like the Taqeul Officer, who you can see in action below!

Whatever you choose, think carefully about what that unit is for. I’ve heard a lot of negative things about the Jayeth Cutthroats out of Shasvastii, for example. Jayth may not fit into your particular playstyle, but they are very good at certain things. Maybe you don’t see a lot of TAGs or heavy infantry links in your meta so E/M doesn’t come up often. Maybe your tables are very open and delivering a chain rifle is very hard.

What are the things you think your chosen test profile is good at? How do you work that into your plan to win the game? Is there a mission or matchup that that unit is particularly well suited for? Can you ask your normal opponent to try a different flavor of list or change up your table to make that profile more usable/interesting? These sorts of things might shake up your meta a little bit and provide you more hours of fun!

In any case, this month is about keeping an open mind and trying out some stuff that we may have previously dismissed. I suppose that means I myself will have to try out Tao Wu, so look for that in the future!

The Mission

  1. Design a list with a profile that you rarely or have never taken, especially one that’s changed from N3 to N4!
  2. Develop a plan to use that profile to achieve a specific goal like pushing a button or removing an ARO.
  3. Play a game and execute on your plan.
  4. Write in with your thoughts on the exercise!


Tabletop Simulator games are valid submissions! We all love our little metal minatures and want to support Corvus Belli, but please stay safe in the age of COVID-19!

  • Let us know how you did by writing in to [email protected]!
  • We’re accepting submissions until the last day of January, 2021!
  • If you’re going to write a battle report, please use the battle report template below, and share it with [email protected].

If you share the Google doc with me, that saves me TONS of time handling the images. If you can, please avoid sending me a MS Word or LibreOffice file, and just click the “share” button in Google Docs.

As a thank you for participating, you’ll be entered to win a blister of your choice, shipped to your door by Mythic Games!

If you’d prefer a Bromad Academy patch, we can mail that to you instead! You only get one or the other though. Winners will be selected by, because it’s AWESOME.

And that’s it! Good hunting, Bromads! Stay safe out there!

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