Sunday, May 26, 2024

Mission 028 Report: Kauyon Deployment


Hey folks,

Had a game recently – IRL too whaaat?! – of Supremacy, my Ramah vs White Banner.

My List

White Banner (remade myself so could be slightly wrong)

The table (I deploy on the bottom half)

My opponent was running a Blue Wolf, a really great piece in this mission as its 70pts of 6-4 mov, able to move into any quadrant he wanted and is difficult to take down without a dedicated piece. My plan was to use my double TR bot and x3 Fanous to make his attempts to dominate difficult and use my two 3-man links to maneuver and at least keep us even and push buttons to keep me in front.

My ace in the hole was the trusty Nahab. Knowing I was up against WB, I opted for the BSG specialist over the KHD because I didn’t want to bring him on anywhere near his Guilang repeater network (and sixth sense hackers) and figured a berzerking Nahab should be able to remove a Blue Wolf if the opportunity presented itself. In hindsight, as he didn’t have any KHDs, the Nahab KHD would’ve been a nice piece to attack his link even with the -3 from firewall but as you’ll find out, I didn’t need it.

In summary, my opponents Blue Wolf made short work of my TR bots and flash pulses and kinda sat in the midfield daring me to engage. His Guilang were also very effective with the BSG, rushing into the buildings and laying templates on my links. Thankfully I was able to keep the docs in each link alive to revive the downed members, something that Ramah are exceptionally good at with awesome doctors in the form of Rouhani and the Zhayaden Doc+.

This put me in a pickle, I didn’t think I had enough orders to bring back the downed pieces with the big guns AND take down his Blue Wolf. I contemplated walking on the Nahab from the side and take a running jump at his TAG in the hope of putting it down (CC29 D charges are no joke!). But in the end, it didn’t matter. My doctor revived my Zhayden HMG who then walked 4″ into LoF of the Blue Wolf, hitting it three times and my opponent promptly failing two armour saves (it had lost a STR earlier from a TR bot crit).

With his big piece down and no engineer on the table, his ability to control the flow of the game stopped. He did his best to shore up his quadrants and prevent me from outscoring him but with the Nahab waiting in the wings, I was able to on turn three, walk the Nahab into whatever quadrant I needed and win the game.

Final score 5-0 to Ramah. 

I’ve found AD to be surprisingly effective in N4 thus far, tending to go hard with them on the first couple of turns. But in a mission like Supremacy, patience was key to victory, even if it meant leaving a 32pt cc monster in reserve until the final turn.

I also acknowledge how lucky I was to put an ARM9 in cover TAG down in a single HMG burst, but those are what dice do sometimes I guess?

Anyway, keep up the great work, love what you do!


Clint (pseudonymmster)

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