Sunday, May 26, 2024
Painting Competiton

Painting Entries 004 – Stealth!

Christian (Space Monkey Mafia)


Thanks for the contest! Attached is a zip of my Hulang pics for my Stealth entry.  I look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions.

Best regards,

Christian (Spacemonkeymafia)

Obadiah (Nehemiah)

I wanted to paint the most stealthy unit Tohaa can bring to a covert operation, the Kiel-San. There to take drugs and clean house.


VĂ­ctor (Juarez)

I’ve managed to finish my Zerat in time 🙂

To be fair, I finished it some days ago but it’s been so cloudy I couldn’t take good pictures until today!

Regards and merry Christmas,



Andrey (cybergh0st)


I would like to submit a Shrouded model for the Bromad painting contest of Q4. Please find not painted and finished pictured attached.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Andrey AKA cybergh0st

Dawid (Shingen)

Happy New Year! Hope you’re doing well.

After winning surprise prize last quarter I couldn’t resist showing it off! So here goes Special Operative Ko-Dali with folded wings and stealth skill.

Best regards,


Troy (Troxor)

My stealthy Kunai isn’t particularly exciting, so this quarter’s submission is going for creativity points by getting digitized for TTS use inspired by the relevant stream earlier this month.

Happy new year!

Piotr (Tcional)


here’s my entry for the painting contest.

I took some new photos of the MSR Intruder.

Best Regards and Happy New Year,


Nate (natetehagressar)

Andre (Geisten)

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