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Mission 031: AVA’s the Angle

The traditional benefit to playing a Sectorial Army over Vanilla is the access to link teams. Of course, the available combinations of units and the unit AVA are also a compelling reason to play a sectorial. Notable examples of this include White Company, White Banner, and Shasvastii Expeditionary Force.

Those of you who have been following Bromad Academy and Late Night Wargames for awhile know that I generally favor a “vanilla” style of play without link teams, as I find link teams somewhat cumbersome both physically on the table and mentally. They are certainly effective, but this month’s mission is about exploring the other aspects of a sectorial.

Feel free to take a small 3-model link, but max out the AVA of a particularly interesting unit in an army to try and explore a different style of play. For example, here’s a link-less game of White Company:

And here’s another game of White Company with a single 3-model link of Kaplans + a Jujak:

You can even play a more traditional sectorial with mostly high-AVA list choices, like this game where Obadiah (Nehemiah) took a large number of Guilang:

He took a large amount of Guilang, which helped him control the midfield much better than a link that would have be moved up into the midfield, and by definition would have to stick to a 8” bubble and thereby not cover most of the table.

Go wild! Maybe you want to take 4 Hellcats in Corregidor and be exactly where you want to be and get the job done, or maybe you just want to spam Karakuri because you believe in Total Immunity.

The Mission

  1. Choose a sectorial army and build a list with max AVA (or a very high AVA) of a unit of your choice. No more than a 3-model link in your list!
  2. Play a game and leverage the high AVA in your list!
  3. Write in with your thoughts on the exercise!


Tabletop Simulator games are valid submissions! We all love our little metal minatures and want to support Corvus Belli, but please stay safe in the age of COVID-19! You don’t have to play Nomads to submit, alll factions are welcome!

  • Let us know how you did by writing in to [email protected]!
  • We’re accepting submissions until the last day of March, 2021!
  • If you’re going to write a battle report, please use the battle report template below, and share it with [email protected].

If you share the Google doc with me, that saves me TONS of time handling the images. If you can, please avoid sending me a MS Word or LibreOffice file, and just click the “share” button in Google Docs. Sending me a file will get you caught by my spam filter!

As a thank you for participating, you’ll be entered to win a blister of your choice, shipped to your door by Mythic Games!

If you’d prefer a Bromad Academy patch, we can mail that to you instead! You only get one or the other though.

Winners will be selected by, because it’s AWESOME…

And that’s it! Good hunting, and stay safe out there!

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