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Mission 040: Rule of Threes

First off, thanks to our respondents from last month!

For this month, you can all Blame Tim (CrazyNomad) for this one! Our friends in Germany just held a 0 SWC tournament, and Tim suggested that we take a look at the implications of that. Those of you who have been following along for awhile know that this is an old Bromad Academy mission:

The key idea here is that we’re trying to encourage you to explore a different playstyle in Infinity. Yes, high burst is good, and shooting is a very reliable route to victory. But what happens if your big guns are dead? Furthermore, in most ITS missions you’re not actually trying to kill your enemy to win. What happens if you approach the game from a more objective based mindset? You can also check out what the design space of low-burst, high-damage weapons look like too!

So, this month, try to take a list without big guns, so that means no burst 4 weapons (natively. If you get to burst 4 with a link that’s okay). If that makes you too uncomfortable, maybe try a list with no more than 3 SWC. Taking you all the way to 0 SWC might be a little tough because that turns off hacking for most factions.

I promise you that this playstyle works, and you can do well at a tournament with it (at least you could in N3):

So, let’s give this Bromad Academy mission another try, in the N4 era!

The Mission

  1. Build a list that satisfies one (or both if you’re a glutton for punishment) of the following two rules:
    1. Less than 3 SWC
    2. No weapons with native Burst 4 (link bonuses and assault pistols are okay).
  2. Play a game!
  3. Write in with your experience for the chance to win fabulous prizes!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t play Nomads, can I still submit? — Yes! All factions are welcome!
  • Can I submit from <X> country? — Yes! We take submissions from anywhere in the world, and will ship prizes anywhere you can get mail!
  • Are TableTop Simulator games valid? — Yes! Stay safe out there!

How to Submit

  • Let us know how you did by writing in to [email protected]!
  • We’re accepting submissions until the last day of December, 2021!
  • If you’re going to write a battle report, please use the battle report template below, and share it with [email protected].
  • If you don’t want to write a battle report, that’s okay. Some prose capturing your thoughts and experiences is also acceptable!

If you share the Google doc with me, that saves me TONS of time handling the images. If you can, please avoid sending me a MS Word or LibreOffice file, and just click the “share” button in Google Docs. Sending me a file will get you caught by my spam filter!

As a thank you for participating, you’ll be entered to win a blister of your choice, shipped to your door by Mythic Games!

If you’d prefer a Bromad Academy patch, we can mail that to you instead! You only get one or the other though.

Winners will be selected by, because it’s AWESOME…

And that’s it! Good hunting, and stay safe out there!

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