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Mission 047: Positional Development

Thanks to Piotr for his response to Mission 046!

The idea for this mission came up while recording a WIP12 Podcast episode with Jordan (Obyiscus). it’s as-yet unreleased, but it’s the one on challenges and avoiding fatigue in gaming.

One of the most important things to do in Infinity is to develop and maintain positional advantage. This is particularly relevant for missions like Biotechvore, where you have to get into the midfield and stay there. Here’s an example of that working out well for me and not for my opponent, who over developed something that he didn’t need to:

Other times you can marry positional development with problem solving, like dealing with the Hac Tao in this game:

Sometimes it’s really difficult to advance the whole link, so you don’t necessarily have to advance the whole link:

Sometimes development is about careful resetting of the link:

And sometimes you just need to commit to a trade:

In any case, the key idea behind this mission is to carefully develop the positioning of your models in a focused and purposeful way. As a learning tool to help you practice this idea, I’m suggesting the restriction of spending only 2-3 orders on your link on Turn 1 to develop their position, and then spending the rest of your orders accomplishing something else, like developing other pieces, building a deployables defense network, setting up pitchers, etc.

The idea here is to not just advance blindly into the midfield, but rather set your link up for success in subsequent turns. The deployment zone is often not a great place to be–many table setups focus on putting things in the center because it’s more visually interesting, so oftentimes deployment zones suffer (this is another problem which should be addressed).

As you think about how to spend those 2-3 orders, think about where you’re going to move the link, why you’re going to move the link, and how your deployment can assist you in this. In other words, when you deploy, think 2-3 orders ahead about where you want your link to be. You don’t necessarily need to be able to do a complete “move reading” like you would in chess, but you do need to have a general idea of the shape of the board.

So! Put some links on the table, think carefully about how you need to advance them and what utility you’ll get out of them when they get there. If it’s slightly more than 2-3 orders because you have to do some gunfighting on the way, but the plan and execution is there, that’s fine. Hopefully this prompt makes sense. Happy gaming!

The Mission

  1. Make a list with at least one link team and other units you want to develop.
  2. Play a game, spend only 2-3 orders on developing your link on turn 1, and the rest of your orders on other tools. Variations on this that are in the spirit of the mission are acceptable.
  3. Write in with your experience for the chance to win fabulous prizes!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t play Nomads, can I still submit? — Yes! All factions are welcome!
  • Can I submit from <X> country? — Yes! We take submissions from anywhere in the world, and will ship prizes anywhere you can get mail!
  • Are TableTop Simulator games valid? — Yes! Stay safe out there!

How to Submit

  • Let us know how you did by writing in to [email protected]!
  • We’re accepting submissions until the last day of August, 2022!
  • If you’re going to write a battle report, please use the battle report template below, and share it with [email protected].
  • If you don’t want to write a battle report, that’s okay. Some prose capturing your thoughts and experiences is also acceptable!

If you share the Google doc with me, that saves me TONS of time handling the images. If you can, please avoid sending me a MS Word or LibreOffice file, and just click the “share” button in Google Docs. Sending me a file will get you caught by my spam filter!

As a thank you for participating, you’ll be entered to win a blister of your choice, shipped to your door by Mythic Games!

If you’d prefer a Bromad Academy patch, we can mail that to you instead! You only get one or the other though.

Winners will be selected by, because it’s AWESOME…

And that’s it! Good hunting, and stay safe out there!

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