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Military Orders Looting and Sabotaging

By Tcional


  • Mission: Looting and Sabotaging
  • Forces: Military Orders versus Yu Jing (300)
  • Deploy First: Military Orders
  • First Turn: Military Orders

So I’ve decided to switch it up this time and finally bring out some Military Orders that I bought last year with the release and update to MO. My list was focused around Crusade Fireteam that could take out AC2 if they got to it and my general plan was to constantly push through the table with them and eventually take it out. On the other hand I had a fast Knight of Justice with D-Charges that could do the same on his own from the other side if needed. And finally, since I don’t have Hospitallers I could finally put my Mobile Brigadas on a table. While I love those models, I don’t play corregidor that much and didn’t have a reason to take them out since I painted them over a year ago.

Open in Army
Open in Army


I was starting and decided to put my Core Fireteam in the middle so they can approach both sides of the table if needed and having in mind that I want to locate them between scatter terrain on my first turn. Knight of Justice started on the right to attack enemy positions once I locate the fireteam where I want them. Salyut in total cover and Warcor covering some angles in the back just in case anything bad happens. Trinitarian with MSR deployed on the left side tower.

Sadly I forgot to take photo of YJ deployment, but in general there were 2 flash pulses in the back (Warcor and Remote), Shang Ji with Krit in total cover on my middle-left side, Long Ya set out to ARO on the right and a few Kuang Shis and a Monk to screen them from my attack pieces.

Turn 1

Top of 1 – Military Orders

I started by pushing my Crusade Fireteam to the left. There I found a Chaiyi to take out. A Hospitaller with an HMG took care of that.

Then I set up the fireteam to control the area they are in. Put them all in some comfy places with Trinitarian above them and Sergeant behind them.

Then the Knight of Justice had time to shine. He went forward and took out Long Ya while losing a wound on the way (to a panzerfaust hit I think) and getting stunned by Chaiyi. Then he used last order to go back so that the enemy would have to take a longer route to finish him off.

Bottom of 1 – Yu Jing

Camo marker (Daofei) deployed opposite of my Trinitarian decides to take action, goes to a better position (so that Crusaders don’t see him) and tries his luck against my Sergeant. Sergeant goes down. Then Shang Ji goes out of cover to take out my HMG, while taking shots from Trinitarian.

Then Daofei proceeds to peel out my Trinitarian and put a Wound on Santiago, while losing a Wound himself.

In the meantime, Kokram moves towards Long Ya to repair it, so that it can keep covering my right flank.

Last thing to do.

Tiger Soldier enters the battlefield. He has one target in mind. The back of Knight of Justice. And after 2 orders he goes down.

Turn 2

Top of 2 – Military Orders

I have lost 4 orders and that hurts. I pick HMG hospitaller up with a Doctor and push the whole fireteam to the middle to approach targets (like Kuang Shi) from the other side and take one of them out from there (I don’t recall where Joan got Wounded).

And then fight off more baddies in the back.

Shang Ji dodged out of sight and Long Ya popped out to get some shots, but got put down.

In the meantime I put Doctor, Santiago and HMG Hospitaller in positions to defend my back from the Daofei cover approach to my AC2 and run out of orders.

Bottom of 2 – Yu Jing

At this point YJ has quite an advantage as they still have almost all orders and models. They decide to let go of Kuang Shi and Monk so they could score Panoply along with Daofei.

They failed a couple of rolls to pull something out, but eventually carried on with 2 weapons to lay down smoke and let Daofei pass.

My Hospitaller Doctor tried to stop him, but failed a Dodge roll or two and eventually tried to hide not to be left out in the open for the next turn. The AC2 was an easy job and went down in a single order of putting down D-Charge. Daofei took up some cover and ended YJ’s turn.

Turn 3

Top of 3 – Military Orders

I don’t have much left to do. I can’t protect my AC2 anymore so the only way to end this with a somewhat acceptable score is to rush towards the enemy AC2. I put my fireteam on the job with 5-6 orders (I don’t remember if Daofei killed the Warcor).

They have to go through a Kuang Shi, Krit, and a mighty Warcor.

Hospitaller with an HMG pops out to take a shot at Krit and puts him down in a single order, while getting stunned by Chaiyi and the rest moves slowly forward.

Next Joan takes out Kuang Shi and gets stunned by Chaiyi.

At this point I have only 2 Orders and Santiago to reach the objective, so I have to risk it. He goes in and gets stunned by a Warcor.

I’ve spent last Order and Joan’s Coordinated one to put them in positions to take out Kuang Shi and Monk should they want to try their luck at Panoplies again, but Yu Jing decides not to rub this win in my face and end it there as it already was a hard win for him.

10 – 0 

Yu Jing win

Post Game Analysis

So I feel like the idea around the fireteam was correct. What I could have done better was placement of other troops. Something to help Knight of Justice protect himself and maybe focus more on the right side with anything that wasn’t in a Fireteam. The fireteam itself did its job. I’ve spent 3-4 orders moving them up and shooting only one Chaiyi Yaokong and fortifying them in position. Maybe I should have located them in a way that my opponent had to fire at HRL and HMG at the same time, but that would be hard with how many angles he had.

I’ve been doing this thing of putting a Core in a defensive position for the beginning and then pushing them forward once turn 2 or 3 arrives as they are quite flexible at jobs they are doing (be that Riot Grrls with Spitfire, Boarding Shotgun, Avicenna and Fiddler or just Moderators with Spitfire and 2 Paramedics/Pitchers) and they can solidify my defense. Leaving one of the members behind either because Sniper Rifle/ Missile Launcher is already strong without any fireteam or the ARO piece is already dead lets the rest of the fireteam be actually useful and not just cheerleaders.

However, playing with active fireteams is not easy and there’s a lot that could go very wrong and that has to be learned. I only got somewhat comfortable moving them around after 2-3 years of playing and I still feel like I’m learning. Nevertheless it was a super fun mission to try out and had another game in mind to report, but there I used 5-6 orders to push a Haris team forward and had 6-7 Orders for Haris in another group (double Haris in Svalarheima with Core is nuts!) to do its job on the other side of the table and it went spectacularly.

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