Thursday, April 18, 2024
Battle Reports

Jhokalups – Frontline Intel Report – 2

Hey All,

Jhokalups here, no Frontline Operation Action Report this week. I wound up getting crushed twice by the best Guildballer in the state, which left it too late to start a game of Infinity. So, four weeks in, I have had my first forays into 300 points for ITS and a few challenging games of Recon+.

On Recon+:

I find this format very enjoyable, but clearly there are some factions with more of an advantage going in than others. For example, Steel Phalanx only has two Lieutenant options.

I have felt very comfortable with Bakunin and more recently with trying out StarCo. I have a StarCo Recon+ list that I want to play; though it is a rude list, featuring a Riot Grrl Harris led by Emily. In the smaller games I have found that the Spitfire is an amazing weapon and have learned a lot about spacing and deployment. In guildball deployment matters very little; I have found that in Infinity, how you deploy can win or lose you the game.


The last game I tried was an ITS 10 limited insertion list, I was trying out a StarCo list, with Avicenna and some Riot Grrls for flavor. And the Bandit. The game went ok, I had some mistakes I made. I definitely need to learn my troop profiles, I had better options for my opening moves. And sometimes dice happen. I am looking forward to trying more 300 point ITS games.

On the game in general, I am a very slow player. I tend to find myself in analysis-paralysis, focused too much on what I could do, and not doing it. My opponents so far have been gracious, which I am thankful for. I really need to find a way to speed up play. Maybe when I create a list I should spend some time thinking how I would deploy it for the various Recon+ or ITS missions we are practicing for.

On The Hobby:

Infinity is scratching an itch that I didn’t know I had. I have recently started work on a cityscape board, sized for Recon+ with an upsize option for a full game. So far I have been working on some three story apartment buildings that have fully accessible interiors. I have the main building of one totally complete, with mechanical stoppers to prevent the floors from sliding relative to each other. I have a second tower that needs the mechanical stoppers, but is otherwise finished. I am working on a third building right now, it has a ⅔ width footprint compared to the other apartments, to provide some visual interest to the boards. One of our locals has suggested doing “green planter walls” basically getting some Faux Moss and running it completely down the side of the building. I think I will do that, as it should be pretty sweet.

Alright, that’s all I have for this week. We’ll be back again next week for another battle report.