Saturday, April 20, 2024

Operation Edgelord

Welcome to the Bromad Academy persistent Infinity campaign, Operation Edgelord! It’s intended to be a low-commitment campaign that you can hop in and out of as your life and interest level allows. Here’s how it works:

  1. We release a set of missions and lore on a monthly cadence for the campaign that advances the narrative of the campaign based on the results of games from the previous months.
  2. You schedule a game with a friend, playing whatever factions you’d like to play.
  3. Consult the Faction Mission Matrix and NA-2 Employment Permits to determine which mission to play, and play your game!
  4. Submit the results via the following Google Form and wait for the next month’s missions and lore drop!

You get one game a month, as tracked by your ITS username. Please be reasonable and don’t ruin it for everyone by registering for multiple accounts. We won’t release results till the end of the month to discourage metagaming. If you want to make sure you make a big impact, encourage your friends to play!

If you’d like to write a battle report, we certainly aren’t going to stop you. Please use the following Google Docs template and submit the link to your battle report to the Google Form above! Please remember to set it so that anyone with the link can view your report.

The lore behind this campaign and our mission selection will be focused on non-area control mechanics. Infinity is about skirmish combat between black ops teams, not about taking and holding ground in a large scale ground war. We will also release special “secret” objectives (as secret as anything can be on the internet) that are faction-specific. These objectives will replace any Classified Objectives in missions, and we may introduce other scoring mechanics as well, all of which will be tracked by the Google Form above.

Released missions and lore will reflect the results of the games played two months ago. This is simply so we have time to respond to events, do data mining, write lore, select missions, and so on. This isn’t our day job–it’s a labor of love!

Faction Mission Matrix

Every major Infinity faction has lore- and player-driven objectives that advance the narrative of the campaign. To reflect the myriad objectives and the various alliances, grudges, and machinations between various factions, simply find your faction and your opponent’s faction in the table below to see what mission you are playing.

For example, if you’re playing Haqqislam and your friend is playing PanO, you choose the mission in the first column of the first row. If your friend is instead playing ALEPH, you have multiple choices: anything from the first three columns in the first row! If either or both of you is playing NA-2, have a look at the NA-2 Employment Permits chart below.

Eagle-eyed readers will note that some mirror matches are allowed, but we’re in general trying to discourage that for lore reasons. If you have an option to play a non-mirror match that would be preferred.

Critical MassSupply DropLast ResortMindwipe
Black SpotPanic RoomDead or Alive
Holographic HavocBlockade Runner

NA-2 Employment Permits

If you’re playing a Non-Aligned Army (NA-2), you can play a game as any of the major factions above, assuming you have an authorized permit (green check mark). Some NA-2 factions simply won’t work for particular major factions or major factions won’t hire particular mercenary companies, so it’s not a free-for-all of playing whatever you like for whatever faction you like. There have to be some rules.

The Japanese Secessionist Army (JSA) is a little different in that it’s technically not a mercenary faction, but it’s still subject to influence and coercion by some major factions to align military goals. We model this as “working with/for” those factions here.