Sunday, May 26, 2024

What Yadu Can Do For You!


Natetehaggresar here again writing about some stuff TheDiceAbide knows less about. Today I am discussing the new Aleph Operations Subsection Sectorial, or OSS. The general response to the sectorial has been somewhat muted on the big boards, some very prolific posters on there have been rather negative on the sectorial overall.

I think those reactions are flat out wrong. While OSS isn’t as flashy as some other sectorial *cough* FullAuto2PerseusTunguska *cough,* *cough* CamoPArTyTAK *cough,* at its core I think OSS is every bit as good as the other recent sectorial, like the other “nice things” sectorial we have rules for, Tunguska, OSS plays well at low order count, and is probably previewing us a number of rules we can expect to see in other “nice things” sectorial such as Invincible Army.



Lets talk about the great new profiles that OSS received.

The Asura received a makeover, gaining Haris, and Duo profiles, as well as MULTI rifle paired with HD+, and lieutenant options with Lt. Lvl 2, which gives an additional Lt. order. The extra order provided by Lt LvL 2 and some scenarios additional data tracker order allows you to potentially field 13 orders, in a single command group. The Haris options are not bad either, as the Asura can special haris with with Yadus or Devas, making an affordable haris option.

Then there is the Apsara Cyberdancer. The primary reason to take this otherwise unimpressive profile is to utilize G:Jumper LZ. This skill loans the Apsaras BS (13) and WIP (14) to a friendly link of remotes. The most obvious use of this unit is to passively buff a dakini link, BS 13,  5 man link bonus, mimetism HMG, is a pretty powerful. The whole package is also bargain basement priced at 93-1 for 3 dakini, a dakini HMG, CSU, and a Cyberdancer. It’s an awful lot of offensive firepower for a very low initial investment. The Cyberdancer KHD is also the cheapest non-post human hacker to open up access to remotes, it is also the lowest cost SWC free hacking option for the faction.

A unit that may be a sleeper selection is the Arjuna. This is a BS 12, mimitism specialist operative, with an initial cost of 25 points, with more expensive weapon options, and optional “Kiranbots”(4 points each) armed with e/marats and cybermines. This unit is a  6-2 medium infantry, so it is fast, AND benefits from the ITS 10 bravery rule, providing advance deployment 1. I like this set up a lot as an e/marat is a tool which can stop any Rambo, and the Arjuna gets TWO of them on entirely disposable platforms, paired with the additional deployment space with forward deployment 1, you should have lots of options for safe locations to guard advances to your more valuable troops. (Tunguska would love bodies this multi-purpose and disposable). The package is expensive as event the cheapest Arjuna is 33 points with all bots, but it comes with a very versatile toolset. I see them being very useful in smaller order count lists, when you would much prefer losing a bot, to allowing a Rambo to engage a something like an Asura on favorable terms. The cybermines too allow for some shenanigans. Cyber mines are resisted by reset, not dodge, you can use them to force unopposed rolls from weapons like missile launchers/

Yadu are Aleph’s vanilla “heavy infantry” along the lines of the Mobile Brigada, but use shock immunity and no wound incapacitation to simulate the extra wound. (Like all things Aleph they are the same & different, line trooper remotes, and “medium” heavy infantry). While Yadu fill the role of standard heavy infantry, they are categorized as medium infantry, they benefit from bravery, and are not hacking vulnerable. The Yadu can form a core link, duos, and have a number of haris options. The Yadu are also armed to the teeth, all profiles carry heavy pistols, which is very useful on the SWC weapon profiles which normally have poor close in range bands. The non-SWC options also carry e/marats, which as previously stated are an amazing defensive weapon. The Yadu HMG features the non-commissioned officer rule, which allows that Yadu to spend the Lt order(or orderS, see Lt Lvl 2…). The Yadu have a character killer hacker with a true second wound, she can be an Lt or not, and counts as a Yadu for fireteam composition.

Rudras are a unique profile, essentially a heavy infantry remotes, due to their second structure point. They have climbing plus, repeaters and mine dispensers, giving them a flexible tool set in addition to their primary weaponry. (Multi rifle, K1 Marksman, or Red Fury). Generally I prefer Red Furys, but in the context of OSS, the 0 SWC anti armor, and extended range bands of the K1 is very appealing. Rudras can also sub into Yadu links, allowing them to benefit from the passive buffs of a cyberdancer, and to access link bonuses.

Shukra Consultants have unimpressive stats. They are a budget conscious chain of command option, but unlike myrmidon officers, don’t expect them to solo the enemy army when things go sideways. They also have a Lt option with strategos 1, to provide order flexibility. Shukra come with counter intelligence, which limits the strategic use of command tokens, so they can only dock 1 order (instead of two), or limit you to using 2 command tokens (instead of one). Counter intelligence is most useful when your list just barely spills into 2 command groups rendering it vulnerable to strategic use of command tokens. Ten order lists, or order spam lists gain less from this rule. Under ITS rules, 10 order lists cannot be docked, and as you grow away from 10 orders the loss of 2 orders becomes less crippling. Shukura also have biometric visors, giving them a chance to deal with impersonators (best used during active turn) and allowing them to perform the new HVT: Identity Check classified.

While not a totally new unit, the Samekh fire team option can be handy. The new Samekh profile carries a regular missile launcher instead of a smart missile launcher, and is able to wildcard into any link. This profile permits you to add some serious anti armor firepower into any link you like.




Dart is a new character co-released with her Aristeia! rules. She is an excellent mid field hunter, her MSV 1 aids her significantly in discovering and killing enemy skirmishers. She is very mobile with climbing plus, and forward deployment 2. She’s also very durable with NWI and bio-immunity, which is pretty close to giving her 2 wounds. She has excellent close range weaponry with a submachine gun, and viral tactical bow. The SMG is primary during active turn, but also provides an excellent suppressive fire option. The tactical bow is generally better in ARO where you’d be burst 1 anyway. The Dart is silent, as is her bow, so if you can attack from outside LoF you can deny AROs to your opponent even when within their zone of control. Finally she has two different load-outs, 1 with mines and another with EM grenades. Both options have merit, mines are great, and if you bring a number of models equipped with them coordinated mine drops can really jam up the board. EM makes her a significant threat to tags, providing a ~20% chance to IMM2 if you spec fire within 8 inches.

Devas gained a few new profiles, picking up a multi rifle and a forward observer. Most appealing they gained a Haris profile with sensor, and a new hacker. Devas still have their old regular hacking device profile, but generally the new assault hacker with lightning as an upgrade program will probably be your Devas hacker if you take one at all. The AHD program are excellent for bogging down most hackable targets, but unlike other AHDs, the Deva can really lay into other hackers. Lightning is a B2 program that imposes a -6 mod for face to face, and causes wounds. A Deva AHD is nearly as good at hacking as the renowned Mary Problems. (The difference being Mary has a AHD and a KHD, she can ignore firewall mods when using KHD programs, the Deva does not).

Danavas were an early release for Vedic, being published last year. There isn’t anything new to say about them, they’re an Aleph Interventor (has a hacking device + and wip 15). That’s great! Interventors are slightly better hackers having higher BTS, but each fits with their faction better. The Danavas comes with a pitcher, which helps beef up the Aleph repeater coverage which can be lacking.


Overall OSS Aleph is a very flexible sectorial, able to run a variety of list types, ranging from spamming very cost effective line troopers and other cheap orders with a rambo or two, to playing a very powerful single command group list containing more than 10 orders, (lt/strategos, NCO, data tracker order), and potentially containing more than 10 combat units thanks to post humans. OSS can also play a very potent, and elite, camo game with Nagas, Daysus, Dart, and Post Humans.