Friday, June 14, 2024

Infinity Unit Review: Suryat Assault Heavy Infantry


Suryats are the embodiment of the Morat ideal. Highly resilient troopers carrying an array of deadly weapons, each a self sufficient killing machine in their own right, let alone in a group. While they may not have many fancy rules to play with, their unsubtle and efficient profiles are well suited for beating heads in.


Stats and Special Rules

The base profile of the Suryats is a combination of lethality and resilience. They pack a formidable BS13, and a robust ARM 4, BTS 6, and W 2. The extra BTS is particularly valuable for defending themselves from hacking, especially when combined with a TinBot A from several of the profiles. Unsurprising, they have the Morat special rule, granting both Veteran L1 and Religious, making them immune to being isolated. That last bit is pretty important, since it means the only threat hacking is against Heavy Infantry with the Morat rule is suffering IMM-1, which is easily removed. Jungle Terrain helps Suryats should you be playing with any special terrain, though since they are MOV 4-4, it’s not that big of a deal. Finally, just as some icing on the cake, Suryats are all Veteran Troops, meaning they can accomplish a couple ITS objectives, and get free Adhesive Launchers in Hunting Party.



Vulkan Shotgun. One of my favorite weapons in the game, packed onto an extremely resilient troop. While this profile does lock the Suryat into a strictly up-close role, the amount of havoc you can inflict with a damage 14 fire-ammo impact template is just horrendous. The biggest downside really is that you’re limited to extremely close encounters, opening you up to hacking, and this profile cannot go into suppressive fire. If you like being aggressive with your heavy infantry though, this is a great choice.

Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower (+ TinBot A). The second of the “basic” profile options is a humble combi rifle, which comes backed up by a light flamethrower. The addition of a direct template weapon gives this Suryat quite a bit of versatility, able to peek around a corner and see how the enemy AROs, before deciding which weapon to use. If they dodge, then shoot the combi, if they shoot, especially something low damage, then you may choose to take the shot on the chin to automatically hit with the flamethrower. Optionally, this profile can take a TinBot A, which on it’s own is fine for an extra point, but really shines when in a link. Applying the deflector bonus to your opponent, on top of the Suryat’s solid BTS 6, and immunity to being isolated, really makes it an unappealing target for enemy hacking.

MULTI Rifle + Light Flamethrower. Everything that can be said about the combi rifle + light Flamethrower profile can be said about the MULTI rifle (except the TinBot bit). For an extra 4 points over the combi, you upgrade the main weapon to a MULTI, giving access to Shock and AP ammo, or a DA shot for a deadly ARO. This improvement makes the Suryat a serious threat against any target, even shooting TAGs with solid chances of busting through the armor. If you are considering the combi profile and can spare four points, this is well worth the investment.

Heavy Rocket Launcher, Light Shotgun. One of two big guns carried by the Suryats, the HRL has a special place in my heart (thanks to playing USARF). Not terribly high burst, but good range bands, and a sexy blast impact template. One issue that HRLs often have is that their low burst means they can be vulnerable to AROs, something which is at least partially offset by the heavy armor of the Rasyat. Since this profile is only 2 points more than the base, the bigger deciding factor is going to be SWC, which is rather steep. Up close and personal, this profile has a light shotgun, which is an excellent side arm, though it does mean you’re always stuck at B2 and have no +3 mods between 8-16”. As a solo piece, I’d usually go for the HMG, but if you’re on a budget, or running a Haris, the HRL is a very good way to save a few points.

HMG (+ TinBot A, Tactical Awareness). Probably the most common profile, and for a long time the only one with a mini, the HMG is probably the most befitting weapon to be carried by the Suryat, no frills, no tricks, just a bunch of bullets. The Suryat actually has multiple options for this profile, most of which come with the extremely useful TinBotA. You can take a HMG + TinBot A lieutenant, which is a great option, much cheaper than the Sogorat, nearly as tough, and a more compact silhouette. If you are going to run this in a link, then the Tactical Awareness option is well worth taking, though it does mean you need to find a suitable Lieutenant elsewhere. If you’re stuck between the Tactical Awareness and Lieutenant choices, because you’re going to link the Suryat, then really, you need to think about if the extra cost of the order, and the expense of your actual lieutenant, are worth a single extra order. If you’re paying 1 SWC for a Vanguard Lieutenant, or 26 points for a lone Rodok, then you should think hard if it’s worth the single order Tactical Awareness gives.



On The Table

Suryats are about as tricky as a sledgehammer on the table. Their role is to be tough, and carry a big stick. Their profile and resilience make them worthwhile solo attack pieces, and most are able to go into suppressive fire, creating a serious roadblock. Gotcha is the only program effective against them without a dedicated Assault Hacker, and their BTS 6 can make that tricky to land, let alone if you have a TinBot.

In Morat Aggression Force

Suryats are both Core and Duo in MAF, but as of their recent update, you can also put a Suryat into a Vanguard Core link. The mixed core of Suryats with Vanguard is a great way to bring down the cost to get a fully linked Suryat HMG or HRL. That Vanguard core can also include Anyat, and a Raktorak, making it incredibly versatile. If you’re considering a full core of Suryats, you will be putting a ton of points in one basket, but it’s very well protected basket. Since the basic profiles come equipped with mid and short ranged weapons, the link can be a serious threat anywhere on the table. Naturally, the downside to such a powerhouse of a link is that it’s going to soak up a ton of points that you could use elsewhere in the army. If you’re going to run this link, be sure you have adequate support to keep them in the fight, Medtech, Kurgats, and cheap specialists you can use elsewhere on the table to accomplish your ITS objectives.