Friday, July 12, 2024
Battle Reports

Rose City Raid Introduction

Alright I did it, I signed up for the Rose City Raid. Rose City Riad is based off of Infinity “Hard Mode”, which means there will be lost of terrain rules and the classified decks will be red. If I don’t have some kind of plan going in I will get wiped out easily.

My plan going forward is to come up a plan/checklist for each scenario. Then go through my faction to see what units and profiles can meet those requirements, then start interpolating combinations to get a pair of lists that I am comfortable with.

Scenario 1: Highly Classified (For the sake of not going crazy, this scenario will be skipped until later)

  • Have a plan for 90% of the Classified objectives
  • Hunt down opponent’s pieces for completing the four listed classifieds
  • Complete one more classified than the opponent

Scenario 2: Power Pack

  • Place the Multiscanner (3 OP) (Chain of Command +3 Bonus)
  • Activate Antennas (Only can activate 2) (Chain of Command +3 Bonus)
  • Control Enemy Console (need a model and only my model in base contact)
  • Protect My Console

Scenario 3: Transmission Matrix

  • Dominate more Transmission Areas at the end of each Game Round
  • Kill the Designated Target
  • Protect Designated Target
  • Be aware of hacking area!

Scenario 4: Unmasking

  • Kill Designated Target
  • Kill Target Decoys
  • Activate More Consoles (Reveals markers, hacker bonus +3 & roll twice)
  • Protect Designated Target
  • Protect Data Tracker

Scenario 5: Frostbyte

  • Kill more army points than adversary
  • Secure exclusion zone by end of game
  • Have one active heating unit at the end of game
  • Kill enemy data tracker
  • Protect data tracker

Since this is a two list event I will need to cover multiple scenarios with a single list. Some overlap in scenario coverage would be ideal for some extra matchups. There are some things that are apparent, like the list that I use to cover Frostbyte cannot be the same as the one for Transmission Matrix. The Heavy Infantry and TAGs, required for Frostbyte, are not such a great options for Transmission Matrix. Power Pack and Unmasking are similar in the activation requirements; Power Pack requires additional units to hold areas, while Unmasking needs more pieces that are able to get to and attack single targets.

In these Rose City Raid posts I will go over list builds and pairs that I think will meet with these scenarios. Battle reports using the Rose City Raid lists will also be tagged for that and have additional comments on their potential.