Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Kill Confirmed – Hunting Andromeda

Nomad Command has received a report from the field that Andromeda has been killed, as per our Counter Intelligence mission. Nomad Command has issued a commendation for Commander Piotr for his efforts in eliminating the ALEPH agent. Other commanders are encouraged to redouble their efforts to hunt down any additional copies of Andromeda operating in their area. Commander Piotr’s report follows.
— WiseKensai, Rogue Interventor

Commander reporting in!

We’ve managed to hunt down Andromeda during Highly Classified face-off with OSS forces. Due to the overwhelming power of enemy forces we’ve lost 0-8 (also failing to complete In Extremis Recovery as main objective), but Andromeda and her pup are dead.

We’ve lost initiative. She has deployed close to our lines, so we’ve put up Morlock and Moderator fireteam in defence and Chimera close to the Morlock so she can take Andromeda on once she decides to stop shooting us.

Despite our best efforts Andromeda managed to open fire upon our Leutenant Moderator forcing him into cover , killed the Morlock and a Moderator. All positions are shown here:

Andromeda was disguised as some Aleph REM making hitting her much harder (CH: Mimetism, ‘ya know). Following that she fell back to cover near one of the other Aleph infiltrators.

Chimera got put down in her Impetous order (as always…) and we had trouble getting to Andromeda. Finally some Zeroes decided that they can move in. One decided to crawl up to the edge of his roof but failed all his shots and got killed instead (where did their name come from again?). The more skilled one actually popped up in the middle part of the table and managed to give her life for Andromeda’s.

Additional photo of Andromeda in cover in relation to my DZ:

And as always

Best Regards from Poland,


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