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Battle Reports

Mission 008 – Piotr’s Report

By Piotr (Tcional)


  • Mission: Data Recovery + Take out the Big Guns (20×20 mission system)
  • Forces: Bakunin versus Yu-Jing (300)
  • Deploy First: YJ
  • First Turn: YJ


As I was deploying second so I tried to hide my Lizard in a corner so that YJ forces have a long way to putting her down. I didn’t really know what my opponent has due to multiple Camo Markers in midfield and only some Monks with Rui Shi and some unit with MadTraps in DZ.

Consoles on the following photo are not yet placed.

Turn 1

Top of 1 – YJ

Monks advance, throw some smokes (one on Rui Shi corner). Rui Shi goes out and takes out both my MSR Moderator and TR Drone I accidentally put out too far from a corner. YJ player took his time advancing towards the middle and pushing 2 Consoles. On the left side one of the Infiltrators put a Mine on his cover, but didn’t manage to go Prone.

Bottom of 1 – Bakunin

So Morlocks went off. One on the left killed the infiltrator taking a hit from Mine. Morlock in the middle threw down smoke, dodged a Mine and then Chained some camo that was some Specialist and Libertos.  Then I moved my Lizard and a Camo on the other side of the board decided to shoot me. It was Lunah and Lizard lost a Wound on her. Then Morlock had to go further and throw a smoke to cover that angle (yes my Lizard was proxied by Lunokhod – we had an S7 printed to be sure of the height).

Next my Lizard went to the right side, took out Mad Traps controller and a Monk.

And then I have decided to go back to partial cover watching the Console.

As it turned out it was a mistake, I should have gone further back when shooting the Monk and then go into suppressive fire state because…

Turn 2

Top of 2 – YJ

It was plain simple, I just watched my Lizard die to Zhencha that was hiding near the Console. On 2nd or 3rd Order he put 2 wounds in Lizard effectively taking it out and then finishing him off. Then a few more advances and my opponent has 2-3 more points and secured the areas with more mines. Monk advanced my left side again taking cover behind some barrels/ammo boxes.

At that point I was lacking attack pieces to go with. My Pi-Well ended his approach on left side badly and the rest of the game was me struggling with taking out enemy in midfield and him killing me in return.

Post Game Analysis

The game ended 9 or 10 to 2 if I remember correctly.

As mentioned before, my Lizard should have gone further to cover. If I had 1 more order on her she would be much safer in Suppressive Fire. Also having such a big unit on table was a huge change, definitely want to use that type of unit again so that I could abuse heavy firepower some more.

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