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Battle Reports

Pi-Well domination

By Tcional


  • Mission: Acquisition
  • Forces: Bakunin versus Corregidor(300)
  • Deploy First: Corregidor
  • First Turn: Bakunin

Bakunin list: 

Open in Army

I wanted to try out the Lizard as an ARO hunter and Zoe + Pi-Well in a Haris, so I filled them in with a Paramedic to help out Zoe in case anything goes wrong. They were meant to be the leading force in the list. Pitchers, Zoe’s hacking, Vertigo and Mimetism (-6) on a Pi-Well.

Corregidor list:

Open in Army

It was something I was kind of expecting of him. One thing that surprised me was that Bashi started on the table as Lieutenant bait instead of off the table.


Corregidor won Initiative roll and chose to go first. Corregidor deployed Tsyklon ready to throw pitchers down. Gator was ready to exchange some rounds with my Riot Grrl and Jaguar Core on a totally separate part of the table.

I put Riot Grrl with ML on top of the containers in my DZ after considering putting her somewhere below. I wanted her to cover both as many Jaguars as possible and a Tsyklon. Gator from reserve was added bonus to possible targets.

My Lizard went down to cover the Gator and I decided to put him in Suppressive Fire to hold the ground more reliably.

Turn 1

Top of 1 – Corregidor

Corregidor struggled. Like really struggled. On what to do about my Lizard and Riot Grrl. Moran chose to start and forced her to go Prone. Gator went on the building in his DZ to catch Lizard out of 24”, but in the process got Wounded and put a Wound on my Lizard as well.

Bandit tried cybermasking, but my Zero Hacker was in range to Isolate her right out of it. 

Once my Lizard and Riot Grrl were hidden, the Tsyklon rushed forward to throw down a Pitcher and try Isolating my Lizard with Jazz. It was the last order in her group and she failed miserably.

Gator again tried his luck against my Lizard only to get hit again by an EXP round and lose 2 more Structures in the process.

Then the Jaguars tried their luck against Riot Grrl. First one survived my Missile hit. Then the other managed to win a FtF with one of his Panzerfausts and put 2 Wounds into my Riot Grrl.

Having one problem less one of the Jaguars Discovered my KHD Zero, the other pushed toward her and she somehow managed to survive Close Combat with the Jaguar. Also somewhere during the turn (before the Pitcher was thrown down) Moran climbed down only to be Stunned by my Pi-Well.

Bottom of 1 – Bakunin

My Lizard made a short run across the possible targets. She shot down the repeater, Bandit, Tsyklon, Transductor and finished off Gator to make sure he won’t be coming back. Then I knew I had to push harder toward the objectives. I realised that I might be putting my opponent in a Retreat already only to remember that there is Carlota off the table and there’s already a safe space there. Pi-Well shot down two of the Jaguars only to kill my KHD Zero (B4 on 8s and all missed :D) and then finish the third one. I achieved this mainly through Triangulated Fire B4 Combi at 8s vs Jaguars no rolls on Adhesive and Dodges on 13s. At this point I didn’t remember that I have neither Marksmanship, nor Tactical Awareness on him and I could have used both.

Turn 2

Top of 2 – Corregidor

Carlota dropped on the back of my Zoe, but the Moderator Paramedic managed to shoot her down and Zoe managed a dodge. Then Jazz went down the flank to put a repeater by my Zoe and Pi-Well. Luckily for me it took her all the orders to kill my Zoe with Trinity. One last thing Corregidor could do was to shoot Vertigo at my Riot Grrl and miss her altogether.

Bottom of 2 – Bakunin

I doubt I will have turn 3. After Impetuous I push my Lizard to take out Repeater by Pi-Well and even more forward to kill Vertigo. With the last order I reach my firing position and take Vertigo out.

Now I have to score the points. One Antenna is easy. Hacker zero goes to it, Carbonites Bandit on the way and with the second order manages to reach the console and activate it. Pi-Well starts playing with the remaining Bandits only to put one in Dogged and not touch the other. Here I finally used Tactical Awareness.

Bashi decides to fly down on Jazz and Jaguar with Chain only to lose the roulette and get hit by Chain (my opponent could put Chain only on 2 of the Holoechoes and shoot one of the 3 with Jazz, he chose the right one with Jaguar and I had lesser odds of surviving this shot).

I push my Chimera forward to reach the Tech-Coffin. Pupnik is first and Chimera is surviving the shots from Jaguars.

Pi-Well risks it to reach the Antenna and fails to do anything to the Jaguars. 

Chimera risks it as well and reaches the console while one of the Pupnik climbs toward the Bandit above. She got hit, but managed the save and hid in Total Cover. With the last Order my Pupnik ate the Bandit.

Turn 3

Top of 3 – Corregidor

Corregidor could just shave off a couple of my points. Being in Retreat let only Jazz to act normally through Command Token and she failed to kill the Chimera who hid behind the container and kept scoring the Tech-Coffin. The game was long and finally ended in…

8 – 0 

Bakunin win

Post Game Analysis

I loved Pi-Well before the buffs. Now I only have more reasons to play him. And Meteor with the anti-fun mechanics of Guided Missile Launcher. What’s not to love when they just have more opportunities to act better? Pi-Well can bring an Engineer with him and some other useful Moderator to fill some rangebands or functions. He was a Pain with capital P for my Opponent and didn’t get scratched once. The only thing that I could have done better was to remember the Tachimotos bonuses for him. The game was part of my local league, first round and I will definitely bring him out more to keep using the bonuses.

Also, I’m dropping some cool post-action shots.

One thought on “Pi-Well domination

  • Nice! Interesting to see two nomads tag lists face off with hacking and repeaters. Looking forward to the Bakunin update.


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