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July 2024 – O-12 Update

Tonight, on DISASTEROID! O-12 acting Commissioner Nicholas Angel has reached out to the local representatives in the Human Edge for a statement of intent regarding the recent increase in hostilities there following the events surrounding the Quantum Anomaly Zones on Concilium Prima, often referred to as the “Shattergrounds Campaign.”

Aleph acknowledges the merits and the legitimacy of O-12.

If anyone must be looked up as the paramount of humanity’s most noble ambitions, it’s the people fighting and working for the O-12’s Bureaus.

With such radiant examples, we must not fear the hand that is extended to us from the cold depths of space. We must face it, understand it, welcome it with the keen eye of the scholar and the ready hand of the warrior.

I believe the mind of Aleph and the heart of O-12 are ready to form unprecedented bonds for the greater goods of intergalactic peace, prosperity and wisdom.

I hope your votes will be casted not while looking at the mere troubles of the present but while gazing at the magnificent horizon of the future.

Uncle Pentium

In the rapidly evolving interstellar society of the sphere, O12 stands as a beacon of technological prowess and equality. However, the true measure of greatness for any society lies not merely in its technological achievements, but in its commitment to principles of equity, solidarity, and shared prosperity. Supporting the Ariadnan Workers Union is not only a moral imperative but a strategic decision that aligns with the core values and long-term interests of O12.

Firstly, the Ariadnan workers exemplify unparalleled dedication and resilience, qualities that form the backbone of any thriving society. Despite their relative lack of technological sophistication, their industrious spirit and unwavering commitment to progress are invaluable assets. By supporting the Ariadnan Workers Union, O12 can foster a more inclusive and diverse interstellar community, enriching our own cultural and social fabric in the process.

Secondly, the integration and upliftment of less technologically advanced societies can lead to a more stable and prosperous galaxy. Economic and social disparities often breed conflict and unrest. By investing in the development and empowerment of the Ariadnan workforce, O12 can contribute to a more balanced and harmonious interstellar environment, reducing the likelihood of future conflicts and fostering cooperative progress.

Moreover, the collaboration between O12 and the Ariadnan Workers Union can lead to mutually beneficial advancements. The unique perspectives and innovative solutions that arise from the combination of advanced technology and practical, hands-on experience can spur groundbreaking developments that neither could achieve alone. This synergy can accelerate technological innovation and economic growth for both societies.

Lastly, supporting the Ariadnan Workers Union is a testament to O12’s commitment to ethical leadership and social justice. It sends a powerful message that O12 stands for the upliftment of all peoples, regardless of their current technological standing. This stance will not only enhance O12’s reputation but also inspire other advanced nations to follow suit, leading to a more just and equitable galaxy.

In conclusion, supporting the Ariadnan Workers Union is a strategic and ethical decision for O12. It aligns with our values of solidarity and shared progress, promotes stability and innovation, and reinforces our commitment to interstellar leadership rooted in justice and equity. By championing the cause of the Ariadnan workers, O12 can pave the way for a more united, prosperous, and inclusive future for all.

Hamish Thren – Chairmen of the the AWU

In line with long-standing ideals, Bourak’s interests in the Human Edge are purely dedicated to outstanding humanitarian concerns. We aim to preserve the neutrality of Averroes, ensuring that the Human Edge maintains access to the cutting edge of human medical care. Haqq operations in and around the Human Edge help to keep Averroes station supplied and ensure that its personnel can continue their vital work without interruption.

O-12 support would show the human sphere, and beyond, that humanity’s highest ideals are upheld even in our most remote frontiers.


It is with the utmost resolution that we condemn the violence on the trinary asteroid cluster of HuEOS 289, 1777 Du-ε, and LuY 911. Hyper Corp interests, at the behest their ALEPH masters and corrupt politicos of the hyper powers have escalated their attacks on worker sovereignty in the Homeric Belt. The use of deniable mercenary assets to crush the ammonia unions is a poignant reminder that the days of the Phantom Conflicts are not far behind us and that the perfidy of the false masters of humanity remains an ever present threat to the freedom of the Human Sphere to pursue economic, political, and cultural freedom.

It is with extreme distress that we note the violence enacted against humanitarian efforts by the Nomad Nations at the HuEOS 289 space port. Reverend Healers of the Observance of St Mary of the Knife, Our Lady of Mercy, were in the process of authorized inspection of medical supplies for Averroes Hospital when a malign contingent of ALEPH thugs made an unprovoked attack upon our citizens in order to thwart the delivery of necessary supplies to victims of ammonia burns. It was only through the stalwart efforts of our security team that the so called Steel Phalanx of the ALEPH A.S.S. were repelled and medicine could be delivered to the needs.

As a result, we are dispatching a task force of NMF vessels, led by the Cruiser Bulls On Parade, to the Human Edge to secure humanitarian supply lines in the system. We also offer support to our Haqqislamite allies in interdiction and anti-piracy efforts in and around 1777 Du-ε. We will not let the aggression of any party against the sovereign citizens of the Nomad Nations go unchallenged.

We call on O-12 to kennel their mad dog of an artificial intelligence and exert at least the insufficient and modest restraint of the Utgard Accords. We also call on Concilium to create a cordon around the Homeric Belt to prevent further incursion by Combined Army forces. Humanity cannot afford one AI master, let alone two. While a cessation in hostilities is a welcome development we remain adamant that Shasvastii agents are even now being deployed to engender additional violence and acrimony among the G5 nations for the benefit of the nefarious Evolved Intelligence. You are warned: war against humanity may be paused, but the attempted conquest proceeds with full force.

To our brothers and sisters in the Ariadna Workers Union, we express solidarity in your struggle against corporate oppression. UTRACO representatives and tactical experts from Corregidor stand by to provide technical expertise in building a true workers collective. From the Helicon Revolts to the Meteora Republic massacres, we know well the bloody history of securing human rights and will not stand idly by as other meteorheads are exploited.

The Nomad Nations remain committed to a peaceful settlement of these disputes but do not mistake kindness for weakness. Blood will be repaid with blood and the tree of liberty shall be watered with the foiled ambitions of a galactic corporatocracy. The Commercial Mission on LuY 911 shall negotiate on behalf of the motherships. Our doors remain open to friendship and cooperation in these trying times. But we will not be co-opted. Our business is freedom. And whether it is conducted by our diplomatic corps, Tunguska Barristers in Concilium Prima’s courts, or with the barrel of a fulgor rifle, business is good.


All PanOceanian businesses were provided a legal tender to operate on behalf of O-12 to facilitate O-12’s economic progress during a conflict. O-12 is obliged to uphold and support such operations against the constant undermining of economic terrorists. What affects our companies affects your people.

Antipodean Bolt

Yu Jing is not a party to the Pan O and Ariadna union disputes or the disturbing violence that those parties have unleashed on each other. Naturally our own hard working citizens tend to have sympathy with Ariadnan workers and view the corporate interests of the Whole Protein Corporation and its subsidiaries with some suspicion. Our current interests in the Planetoid cluster are related to the extra-legal inhabitants of 1777 Du-ε and tracing their involvement in aggression against us during the Concilium crisis. We will be prosecuting an independent investigation in line with our rights as a sovereign nation and will keep you posted of any developments.

Hsien YueFei

We at MERCnet pride ourselves in professionalism and clean paperwork. Supported by laws C37/DLH/2046-34, C37/DLH/3-01, and the Pressure Equipment Directive; in light of our immaculate track record and solid reputation, we hereby declare that

  1. Our services are available to any and all O12 high officers who are able and willing to fulfill all bureaucratic obligations of the requisitioning paperwork
  2. Our services are freely available on the common market, at the applicable rules and laws
  3. We shall support clients based on qualification, track record, contractual, and normative obligations only, regardless of alliances, political pressures, and similar undue leverages
  4. We refuse direct intervention on our premises and lawfully owned proprieties to any and all authorities or authoritative figures lacking a fully compliant three-party signature concilium warranty
  5. We distance ourselves from any and all affiliations to political, social, or religious organizations, given the diversity of our affiliated professionals, each of whom has a full right to their own personal allegiance

We therefore declare our availability to support O12 actions on the system at the appropriate price, while also conclude that we will refuse political alliances of any kind, in order to preserve our lawful neutrality as free market suppliers

Signed by

MERCnet representative and majority shareholder of the Ducktail Pub

Dr. Hassan Koumeini

Undersigned by the most senior VIP MERCNET contractors, and representatives:

  • Jeffrey “BigCat” Kamal, Dahshat Duck Arranger
  • Mr. Daixo’s secretary Chou
  • Druze Bayram CSO – SweetP
  • ForCo Senior Producer – Greaves
  • StarCo Free Trader – Captain MikeP Strummer
  • WhiteCo Captain – callsign JusticeDrago
  • Kii Arjun, FiBERWYRE Chair, Spiral Corps CFO

The greater independent nation of Japan could not be reached for comment at this time.

Alleged Japanese-aligned paramilitary group frigate, ‘Samsara’s Wheel’ sends in response, a 36 minute and 58 second video feed of an indoor zen rock garden. Notable features include-

A water fountain and koi pond- the sound of water trickling over rocks is prevalent throughout the whole video.

A small bronze statue of a Buddha figure, with incense burning at the base.

3 walls in the background have traditional ukiyo-e styled artwork featuring -a toad smoking a pipe, sitting on a shogun’s dais -a snake in a bamboo forest on a foggy morning -a boar standing on a rock, overlooking a valley

31 minutes and 12 seconds into the video, a man wearing traditional priest robes, with face covered, can be seen, the crunching gravel from his footsteps announcing his presence from offscreen. He takes a winding path to the altar, raking in patterns he disturbs along the way. He has a moment of silent prayer, extinguishes the incense, and walks to the camera, turning it off, ending the feed.


O-12 then retired to deliberate, and returned with this response:

A wise man from earth once said “We do not question the general honesty of the courts, but in applying to the present-day social conditions of the general prohibitions that were originally as safeguards to the citizen against the arbitrary power of the government in the hands of cast and privilege, these prohibitions have been turned by the courts from safeguards against political and social privilege into barriers against political and social justice.” Citizens of the Outer Edge too long have our bastions of law and order been held in the grasp of those who seek not to build a better future for a united humanity but to further their own gains. Officers of O12 there are those in the Panoceania who seek to undermine the sovereignty of the lesser nations O-12 was created to protect and so we must do our duty. Remember your training and the ideals you swore oaths on. Furthermore, we must remember our role as caretakers of Aleph and her pleas for help must be answered.

Remember my fellow officers that our duty calls not for a life of ease, but a life of strenuous endeavor. If we are to continue to stand idly by on the sidelines the march of time will pass us by. If we shrink from the hardest contests, where we must hazard our lives at the risk of all we hold dear then the bolder and stronger nations will pass us by and win the dominion of the Human sphere for themselves! Let therefore face this coming challenge together resolute in our duty to our brothers and sisters of the human sphere for only together can we build a more peaceful and equitable future

The debate for 012 has finished Starmada will be supporting Aleph security for control of the telescope and the Torchlight Brigade will be supporting the Ariadna Workers Unions.

O-12 acting Commissioner Nicholas Angel

It is with dismay but not with surprise that we note O-12’s tepid endorsement of worker’s rights against exploitation by the hyper powers and their corporate masters is undermined by its continued endorsement of its Orwellian artificial intelligence, which seeks a false harmony at the expense of human freedom and agency. Where the supranational government of the Human Sphere has retreated from norms and values that support all peoples, the Nomad Nations will continue to be the champions of the dispossessed.


The forces of Haqqislam stand ready to support our eternal allies in the nomad nations, and as has been done in previous conflicts we will prioritize the well being of the people of the human sphere above the political machinations that define the actions of others so often. For Humanity, and The Human Sphere! The Search for Knowledge serves to help those at all levels, but the most lowly are of the most need.

Dhalik Albaashu

Aleph welcomes the decision of O-12. The presence of Starmada will be the ultimate deterrent for the enemies of science and progress. We look forward to learn the name of the ship that will take the lead of space operations to secure the Eye of Hipparchus’ perimeter.

Thank you Commissioner Angel and thank you, O-12 General Assembly – we are together in this operation.

Uncle Pentium

And therefore you should welcome O12s intention to support the modest and beleaguered Ariadnan workers. Whilst I question the decision to support Aleph, I note the need for increase security in these uncertain times with our newfound ally in the sphere.

Given the dire conditions that our workers toil in Ariadna would welcome an initiative with Haqqislam to provide aid to those doing such a necessary and heroic job. Might we remind you all that you are making a handsome sum from this labour.


The StateEmpire views growing difficulties in areas of the Homeric Belt with great concern. Rampant criminality and the exploitation of labour are both against the interests of Humanity, and the interests of Humanity are the interests of Yu Jing.

It is hoped that the Ariadnan Worker’s Union will establish more fair and equitable arrangements for their membership, as was accomplished not long past at Okolnir. The involvement of the Nomad Nation and Haqqislam, both reliable comrades of the StateEmpire in our past work to advance Humanity’s interests, seems to assure both this outcome and the suppression of criminality across HuEOS 289, 1777 Du-ε, and LuY 911 more generally. That O12 moves to assist is also welcome: it is an institution meant to serve as tool of the Human Sphere’s unified will, and the Human Sphere demands proper resolution here. Together, Humanity’s advancement is assured, and as ever that is the goal of Yu Jing.

The need to confront criminality in the region is now being made particularly apparent by rumours that Kuge terrorists may be claiming to have taken subject-citizens of Yu Jing as hostages. The details of such claims are doubtful as the StateEmpire has no records of corresponding operations, but the possibility such criminals might seize innocent civilians for use as bargaining chips or human shields was demonstrated beyond doubt by their actions in the so-called ‘Uprising’. If such kidnappings are verified the StateEmpire of Yu Jing will spare no effort in ensuring the recovery of our citizens, and hopes the rest of Humanity will aid this righteous goal.

Commander Shiwen

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