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Mission 003 Report: It’s Quiet. Too Quiet.

Another month gone by, with Bandits quietly on the prowl…  Here’s the original mission:

Mission 003: A Bandit’s Life

Feedback Summary

This month we got a few examples of Bandit usage from Nathan and Loricus, and a helpful guide on how to remove TR bots (or burn your dice) with a Bandit from Bruno. Usually folks rely on coordinated orders or TO snipers to take out TR bots, but midfield camo skirmishers with shotguns work just as well! A good thing to keep in your back pocket for next game.

This month’s prize is a Micro Arts Studios hacking token set, courtesy of the Total Reakton podcast!

 Our winner this month is Bruno, so congratulations to him! Bruno, hopefully you won’t have to burn any of these tokens if they fail you. — WiseKensai

Raw Feedback


For the month of October the Bromad mission looks at the bandit. This week I tried the Bandit in StarCo. I used the Forward Observer profile which I really like as a cheap camouflage infiltration specialist. I didn’t use my bandit very effectively this game, it got locked down by the MSV 1 marauder. And I misplayed the shotgun when the link team activated. I either should have dodged or shot the link leader. Had I utilized the bandit better I probably could have had 1 or 2 boxes hidden in the back line.

I think I will try the bandit in this list again, hopefully with more success next time.



How to kill a TR bot in 3 easy steps.

  1.  Deploy bandit with shotgun close to a spot within 8” of the TR bot. The spot needs to have cover from the TR bot
  2. Move to that spot. Even when in line of fire of the TR bot your opponent is very likely to hold his ARO. In that case, move closer. If he declares discover, shoot the adhesive launcher when outside of 8, otherwise shotgun.
  3. Impose a -12 modifier on the TR bot (HMG within 8, cover, camo, surprise shot). You should be hitting it on 15’s (if it’s in cover), while it’s dodging on -6. blast mode will negate the cover armor mod. TR bot should be unconscious. If not, burn dice.

I do not recommend trying this on the plasma rifle combined TR bot, because of how the range bands work, that one you can mow down with an intruder from outside 16”.

Note: you can also CC it of course, but it will probably take more orders to move into b2b.

This won’t work if you take a lot of other AROs, but if you keep the bandit in reserve you can usually pick a spot with a pretty clean approach.

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