Hello, and welcome! The overarching mission of the Bromad Academy is to encourage Infinity players to break out of their comfort zones and to try new unit profiles, list archetypes, and terrain configurations to build a well-rounded Infinity skillset and improve their game.

So you’ll tell me what’s good?

No. We’re not going to tell you what to take or even the “best” way to use it. We start with the basic premise that Corvus Belli’s Infinity is a well-balanced game, to first order, and that relative player skill and experience are the dominant determining factors in deciding overall victory.

Bromad Academy is not intended as a repository of unit reviews or tactica. InfinityTheTactics is an excellent resource for that content, and we encourage all Infinity players to leverage that excellent site and contribute where they can. If you’re a newer player or you’re moving to a new faction, InfinityTheTactics can help you learn about the basic capabilities and general playstyles for the various units of Infinity.

We won’t tell you that some units are “auto-include” or that others are not worth taking. What we will tell you to do is try it out on the tabletop for yourself. This is a key part of Bromad Academy–you have to evaluate units for yourself and make them work for you. Infinity is deep enough that you simply cannot make a blanket judgement on a unit in a vacuum. Warbands will dominate in densely packed tables, snipers and missiles will lock down open boards, and TAGs will run amok in metas without hackers. Everyone’s meta is different. Furthermore, everyone can exert some influence and shape their meta!

The ideal outcome is that we’ll all become players who can just be handed an otherwise randomly generated legal list with the requisite specialists/gear for the mission and be expected to at least put up a good fight if not win outright. We want to empower you to make nuanced evaluations of unit profiles and their tactical usage on the table, in context.

Well, what is Bromad Academy?

Well, we believe in the simple idea that the best way to learn something is to do it. The best teacher is experience. Infinity is a very difficult game with complex rules interactions. It can be overwhelming to a newer or even an experienced player at times.

You can expect us to encourage you to try to use units that most of us rarely see, or profiles that are “bad.” We might even encourage you to swap armies with your next opponent, just to see what it’s like facing your own list.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles

Sun Tze

Might as well steal some wisdom from that Yu Jing puppet, right?

To help simplify things, we intend to offer a loose scaffolding to get folks across the skill gap, so to speak. Every month, we’ll release a new “mission.” What’s a mission? Well, it could be as simple as “Try out Morlocks for a month. Put a few in your lists, see what happens.”

All you have to do is :

  1. Follow whatever the mission parameters are.
  2. Send us an email at report@bromadacademy.com with some feedback about how it went.

That’s it. The feedback you choose to provide is really up to you. If you want to write up a battle report with pictures, great! We’ll publish it. If you want to just say: “Hey, it went great, I learned <insert lesson here> about how to leverage warbands,” we’ll collate that feedback and then publish a big “after mission” report at the end of the month. If you want to edit InfinityTheTactic’s page on Morlocks with all your findings, please do! Just send us an email to let us know.

But what if I’m lazy?

Why email us? Well, we’re just a bunch of Bromads that love the game and the community, and we want to give back. We’ll be raffling off some swag to a random contributor each month. Certainly nothing like a fully painted army or table–we’re just doing this in our spare time with our limited hobby budgets, but we’ll try to make it worth your while. And after all, this whole thing is about improving your game.

Not sucking is its own reward.

Commander Jester

What if I don’t play Nomads?

Well, you should. It’s the best faction. Kthxbai!

Okay okay. If you don’t play Nomads, or you don’t play the sectorial that the monthly unit or tactic is from, that’s totally fine! We’d still love to hear from you, particularly if you convince your local Nomad player to try out the mission stuff in a game versus you. Just to get you thinking, here’s some writing prompts:

  • How did the monthly unit/tactic feel from across the table? What did you to do counter/exploit it?
  • What units/tactics are similar from your own faction? What lessons can you share?
  • What would you do with the unit/tactic if you played Nomads?

We’re all busy people, and we’re sure you’ve got a lot going on. That’s why we chose to focus this initiative on one faction that we know well. That said, we don’t want to make it a you’re in or you’re out thing, think of it more that we’re using the Nomad Nation as a lens through which to view the Human Sphere (and I guess aliens). Learning requires context, so we’re choosing a specific frame of reference on which we’ll focus our time and effort. If you want to start a different faction’s academy, reach out to us! Let’s work together with InfinityTheTactics to get everyone’s game razor sharp!

We’ll always be learning, always changing, so this mission statement will grow and change with as Bromad Academy matures. Looking forward to hearing from all of you! Let’s keep this Bromance alive!

Love, Bromads.

9 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Avatar
    Danger Rose says:

    Huh, just when I’m finally painting and trying my Bakunin Jurisdictional Command. Convenient.

  2. Avatar
    Charbe86 says:

    The advert I heard on podcasts said this was also aimed at Aleph players. Was that a mistake, are nomads and aleph closer in gameplay than I thought? I’m confused, but I love the concept otherwise.

    1. WiseKensai
      WiseKensai says:

      The “ALEPH sheeple” comment was a in-character dig at non-Nomad factions for being under ALEPH’s thumb (from the Nomad perspective). The Bromad Academy initiative is definitely structured with a Nomad viewpoint of the game, but it is also important for us to get a sense for our strengths and weaknesses from our opponents as well. If you have comments on what it’s like to face us, favorite tactics to use against us, etc, please write in. You’ll be entered into the monthly raffles for swag and everything.

      There are also other factions starting up their own Academies, for example Haqq High Command has started Bourak Academy on their Facebook page for those interested. We’d definitely be interested in partnering with any other academy initiatives, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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