Friday, June 14, 2024

Piotr’s Game Montage

So today I have three mission reports in price of one. All three games happened on the same day. First two were introductory Recon 2.0 games and the last one was our local league game.

First two games were Firefight and Frontline from Recon 2.0 mission system. They were kind of introductory games (I think it was his 2nd and 3rd game) for a new player in our community. We slightly bent the rules of Recon for our lists. He had 7 models and so did I. Both lists were around 160 points. I brought my Icestorm PanO and he took all he had – old JSA starter and a MSR Ninja.

Game 1

During both Recon games Oniwaban’s assault was simple. Come in first Short Movement Skill into B2B with one of my models so that the others cant see him, slash it to death and switch to the next one.

His first victim was my Father-Knight. He managed to survive 1 round and then died to Oniwaban’s Monofilament CCW.

Deployment Zones of PanO for the first game.
Deployment Zones of JSA for the first game.

Situation of the table after my first round. Notice Father-Knights position in the top. Oniwaban is in Hidden Deployment less than 8” to the middle of the table.

Aaaand Father is dead. Nisse died to MSR Ninja on the topside tower. Next in Oniwaban’s streak were ORC and Fusilier in my DZ.

Game 2

For the second game again I was to go first and tried to protect myself against Oniwaban’s attack. But still made some mistakes during the deployment. I’ve put my ORC next to Father Knight and one of the Fusiliers. All three of them looking in different part of DZ, but I should have deployed ORC and Fusilier in Prone. Because I didn’t Oniwaban just like previously walked in, killed Fusilier with Surprise Attack and Father-Knight and Orc didn’t even see him so couldn’t kill him before he got to them.

Unfortunately for this one I have only a picture of an outcome after the game. Oniwaban reached forwarded position in Frontline scenario and one of the Fusiliers finally managed to kill him in my Active Turn. When Oniwaban was wreaking havoc in my DZ my Akal was killing cheerleaders in JSA’s and finished the game in top scoring zone for me also winning me the game.

Game 3

The last game was a Firefight 300p game for our local League. I played vanilla Nomads versus Spiral Corps. From CC Specialists I had in the list a Morlock, Jaguar and my favourite unit in the game, Uberfallkommando with 3 Pupniks. I won Initiative roll and chose to go first. Morlock luckily rolled 8-4 MOV on his MetaChemistry. My opponents Draal changed the direction I expected the Morlock to run to. This allowed him to rush far in the safe way so that no ARO could take him down.

Overview of my DZ midturn 1.

Then Chimera started doing her stuff. First one of the Pupniks Dodges the Draal’s Anti-Personnel Mine (you gotta love Hyperdynamics Lv2 with PH13). Then she picks up a gun from Panoply on the right while one of the Pupniks gets Isolated by Kaauri Sentinel. Thanks to Natural Born Warrior he can’t even try to Isolate Chimera so she stays safe.

Next two orders and Kaauri gets ganked by 2 Pupniks. While Chimera stays out of the way of Reex Escort covering approach to Kaauri. Pretty confident that a Pupnik with 2 dice at 19s will take down a Kaauri I kept the Chimera back once I realised she would have to fight back the Reex on her way. Instead she starts going for one of the specialists (Aelis Keesan on the nearby tower).

Pupniks after retreating from Kaauri’s body.

In the next Order Pupniks retreat over the container and she starts climbing up the tower. She only starts because she doesn’t have enough movement to get set up on top of it in CC with Aelis. Aelis turns out to be a Taagma with WHD in Holo1 and shoots Nanopulser at Chimera. In such situation I decide to also use a Nanopulser. In the end both of them end up unconscious. Later I learned that “Aelis” was also an Lt so 2 objectives for one go.

Also I forgot that there was still a Draal in Prone on the building nearby that I forgot about and could have also shot at Chimera while climbing. Over all she had better run than I usually get with her (a Lt and 2 Specialists for Firefight mission objectives) – I still need to pay much more mind to her deployment. Extremely Impetous characteristic and 6-4 MOV with Climbing Plus makes it really tricky. Even though once in a while I get a great run with her. Eclipse grenades provide perfect cover for her on approach.

A couple of valuable kills in enemy DZ.

On a Warsaw Open Satellite last year on my first turn cut a full link of Grunts to pieces with her in 2-3 Orders – G: Synchronized are great for taking out multiple enemies at once. You just throw a smoke on a link and then put Chimera and each of the Pupniks with 1 (most likely) line Light Infantry from a link and most likely they will perish.

What I think is also worth noting after playing with Chimera almost every game it’s worth keeping in mind that she has range weapons (like almost every other CC Specialist) which I sometimes forget while I’m trying to get her into CC combat.


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