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Battle Reports

Who needs guns?

By Luke


  • Mission: The Armoury
  • Forces: Nomads vs Tohaa
  • Deploy First: Tohaa
  • First Turn: Tohaa

The Table

The game was on TTS and Gaz grabbed the first objective room table he found. This turned out to be a bit of a king of the hill map. The armoury room had a double skirt wall and the edges had some seriously long fire lanes. 

The white hexagon levels provided space to hide some units and both DZs had nice LT hidey holes. 


Gaz deployment

Gaz deployed first with a  defensive ML triad watching a big bit of the board and both of the other triads on the stairs ready to move into the armoury he also placed 2 of chaksa outside defending his deployment.

Lukes deployment

I placed my obvious LT on top of a building guided by a jaguar. I kept one of my vostok back as my reserve. I had my intruder on the right flank, my zero on the left. I had zoe back outside of pheroware range, both morlocks (climbing plus and 8-4 climbing plus), a jaguar and pi-well outside the door. Just inside the door I had a hidden deployment prowler and the (hero) liberto. 

Turn 1

Top of 1 – Gaz – Tohaa

After docking gazs order with a command token he starts to move those 2 triads that were stacked up into the inner armoury and tries to discover the liberto but fails. Feeling short on orders he moves the other triad into the outer wall and moves a chaksa and the diplomat into the outerwall. 

He passes the turn with a fair amount of points in the armoury.

Bottom of 1 – Luke – Nomads

At the beginning of my turn I know I need to clear the 2 units holding the armoury and have one disposable unit in there to score for the next turn. 

I start by using both impetuous orders to one at a time move each morlock in and template the units in the room. The first kills the makaul and takes a wound / symbio mate off of the taquel then the 2nd runs in and dies doing nothing. 

Next I used the liberto to kill the taquel / pi-well to finish it off. With a few orders left I moved the heckler camo into the room and moved a jaguar up in preparation for the next armoury room trade. Leaving the heckler and liberto as road bumps I pass the turn .

Turn 2

Top of 2 – Gaz – Tohaa

Gaz starts by moving his chaksa into the room to start templating my camo heckler and liberto. This should work but doesnt as I keep dodging with the heckler whilst the liberto keeps dropping chain colts on the chaksa. Eventually the liberto dies, the heckler moonwalks out of the armoury and gaz takes the room. He moves his 2nd taquel into the room as well as his tohaa delegate. He does some tohaa farts and isolates my jaguar and heckler. The heckler is able to reset out of the isolation as he isolates the jaguar. Gaz got really unlucky with this turn.  

Bottom of 2 – Luke – Nomads

Again with the start of my turn my plan is to empty the armoury room and put something inside it.I move my 2 regular orders into group one. I YOLO my isolated jaguar into the room to shotgun his taquel and again wound it through his symbio mate whilst killig the gaorail. The brave jag burned for his trouble and didn’t kill the hiding chaksa. I then decide to bring in the elephant gun and move in with a vostok. The vostok killed the last defenders of the armoury and then sat in there as I pass turn. 

Turn 3

Top of 3 – Gaz – Tohaa

Gaz now finds he has a lot less tools to deal with my army and tries trading a chaksa for my vostok twice unsuccessfully. He then kills it with his sukeul and its B3 breaker pistol and leaves it in the armoury.

Bottom of 3 – Luke – Nomads

My turn I use pi-well to kill the sukuel in the room, collect a single panopoly and use my hidden prowler to go and get my net undermine classified done. Leaving me an 8-0 win!

Post Game Analysis

So I was very happy with my game. I won each of the F2F rolls I chose to take and traded up fairly sucessfully where I needed. In honesty my I crit more than gaz and the table was a lot more favourable to me with this challenge. I never felt like I didnt have a gun or tool for the job and I had plenty of mimitism -6.

This was the first timeI put a vostok in a game and the fir time in a long time since I played vanilla nomads over a sectoral. 

I plan to run this list again and in a situation where I could use some SWC I would probably try the sniper intruder for a proper long range weapon. 

When I was writing the list for the challenge I wanted to really delve into the 0 SWC side and drilled down on that immediatly with zoe. I didnt really want to use 2 Vostok but I couldnt think of a better unit that fit my criteria. 

I found with vanilla nomads when you take away SWC you are really limited for a lieutenant.

Without a decent gun or hacking utility I found I wanted to hide them and the most efficient was the moderator. 

I found the challenge of 0 SWC really pushed me into a different mode of thought and forced me to try units I wouldnt normally try. The intruder marksman, double vostok and prowler which were all legitimate options for the mission. The prowler was certainly my ace in the hole for clearing / capturing the armoury in a tight spot. 

I didn’t expect vanilla nomads list building to interest me so much as I was in a bit of a rut with them. Here is a JSA list that i built with the same restrictions and it was incredibly similar to many JSA lists I would take anyway.

Thanks for reading

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