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Durgama Defense Coalition

The joint leadership of Haqqislam, Nomads, Tohaa, and Yu Jing announce the formation of the Durgama Defence Coalition to defend the Durgama Peninsula and Raveneye Orbital Complex from the incursion of the Combined Army. 

Coalition members agree that serious misconduct and deficiencies of Pan Oceanian and Ariadnan leadership put us in a position where we must relieve them of key responsibilities. Their past actions and severe overreach have actively caused harm to the safety of the human sphere. This will free their military forces to prosecute their crusade against the Combined Army without being tempted to destroy critical information they have selfishly kept to themselves, lest it falls into the hands of the rest of humanity.

If this seems far-fetched, please remember the recent Glottenburg incident, where Pan Oceanian Military Orders did exactly this: they went to war with other members of the human sphere to protect illegal access to an alien research site of incredible value. When they were caught in a lie, they demolished it before withdrawing. There is too much at stake in the research facilities of this peninsula to allow self-anointed holy warriors to cleanse it with fire.

Ariadna, too, must be held accountable for the wanton destruction of spaceborne assets as a result of their Project Buran. While they are to be commended for their timely defense of the Starboard battery, they have proven that they cannot be trusted, especially with an orbital weapons platform directly threatening a Nomad mothership.

O-12 would do well to acknowledge our legal rights to seek redress in this time of crisis. Support our coalition and advise Pan Oceania to stand aside and deter aggression from their puppet government in the JSA. Direct Ariadna to peacefully transfer control of the Starboard Battery to Corregidorian forces. Above all, do not interfere with our vital security efforts.

In the grand tradition of Haqqislam, the Durgama Defense Coalition offers aid and shelter to any citizen of the Human Sphere caught within the conflict zone. RavenEye must not fall. We are united in the defense of RavenEye and the Durgama peninsula against the Combined Army!


  • Haqqislam High Command:
    • Danger Rose
    • HeadChime
    • Terrordactyl
    • Perzan (Advisor)
  • Nomad Theater Command:
    • IceCream
    • Joker7099
    • MJGrey
    • WiseKensai
  • Tohaa:
    • Jager Nadim
  • Yu Jing:
    • Mc_Clane
    • Hsien Yue Fei

Durgama Takeover Competition

Hello Infinity players! The Durgama takeover campaign is an opportunity for all of us to show the rest of the miniatures gaming community how fun and exciting Infinity the game is! That means setting an example as a community of how positive and supportive of one another we can be.

We’re all here to come together as a global community to share in the love of this game that we all play. Enjoy the role playing and banter, but always remember there’s another human being on the other side of that text box.

This is a relatively short campaign, so to help pull in players, we’d like to invite you to participate in our multi-faction patch competition! Units in coalition forces will be identified by patches, exclusive to this campaign. To facilitate quick production and distribution of these patches, each coalition member faction has produced a unique patch design.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the design of the patches.

  • Haqqislam: Adam (TheDiceAbide), Haqqislam High Command
  • Nomads: Erik (Zelaponeepus), Nomad Theatre Command
  • Tohaa: Obadiah (Jager Nadim/Nehemiah), Tohaa High Command
  • Yu Jing: Pete (YueFei23)m Yu Jing High Command

Tohaa patch translation, copied from unit profiles:

Clipsos is the name given to the “Null Set” (Ø) in the Tohaa language. As a symbol, Clipsos denotes absence but also potentiality.

For Tohaa numerologists, the number 110 symbolizes glory through very painful conditions and great personal sacrifice.

In Neebab Numerology, the two thousands are connected to change and movement. As a number, it means instability, unpredictability and radical transformation.

The number twenty thousand…linked to the return from far-off places bearing arcane knowledge that sheds light on the spirit world

The Π Number (π ≈ 3,14159…) is a mathematical constant that indicates the relationship between a circumference’s longitude and its diameter, and is a fundamental number of Geometry. The meaning of Tarsos in Neebab Numerology refers to the energy created by acts of supreme will that change the fate of people and nations.

These patches are not official or produced by Corvus Belli in any way. We’re doing this as a player lead initiative.

Patch Competition Rules

Faction patches will be awarded to players with well-ranked battle reports in the correct locations during the campaign.

To earn patches, you must do the following TWO things:

  1. Play at least 2 well-ranked reports in the correct locations (see below) to get your faction patch. 4 well-ranked reports in the correct locations will earn all the faction patches. This a total of two or four across all locations! It’s a short campaign!
  2. Submit links to your reports in the Google form below. The form will start accepting responses at the end of the campaign.

A well-ranked report is defined as 7/10 or higher! Please don’t publish before completing your report as you will risk bad ratings. Please choose your mission and theatre before playing.

There is honour in defeat if you are prepared to be accountable. A win, loss, or draw counts towards the patch competition as long as you write great reports. Aim to have fun with your opponent and show off your game with your write-up.


As an example, say you are a Nomad player. If you submit two total battle reports to any combination of the Port Fire Control Module or Ammunitions and Supplies Module that are rated 7/10 or better, AND you tell us about it via the Google form link above, we’ll send you a Nomad patch!

If you submit four total battle reports in any combination to the Nomad locations, we’ll send you all the patches.

For Haqqislam, Tohaa, and Yu Jing players simply submit your battle reports to your faction’s chosen spots, as shown below, instead of the Nomad ones and all the same stuff applies!

Patches may also be awarded for narrative awesomeness above and beyond the call of duty, up to the discretion of the coalition competition administrators.

These following Phase I objectives have been set after strategic analysis and it is critical to the success of the coalition that you follow the orchestrated battle plan.

New targets will be announced here and in your WarConsole faction forum in subsequent campaign phases if applicable.


You may play your games in the same location, as long as it is in the list below!


Phase I

  • Alfutna Terraformation Studies
  • Darpan Xenostation

Statement issued by The Sword of Allah Press Corps Office on Concilium Prima:

ETTVAK has tracked a key Equinox cell to the Darpan Xenostation on the Durgama continent of Concilium Prima. Haqqislam has gathered all necessary information and is poised to begin a sting operation to take down the entire Equinox terrorist organization. For security of the operation, we can not release the collected intelligence to the Oberhaus. In the name of transparency, and good will to mankind, however, we are prepared to cooperate with Bureau Aegis through a Military Liaison. Furthermore, we will provide relevant report details to Bureau Toth, should our analysts suspect that OperationS has been compromised.

Haqqislam High Command
Durgama Continent
Concilium Prima

Phase II

  • Alfutna – Hangar Area
  • Darpan – Max-Sec Vault

Statement issued by The Sword of Allah Press Corps Office on Concilium Prima:

Haqqislam has been working tirelessly and openly to root out Equinox agents traced to the Darpan Xenostation on Concilium Prima. ETTVAK strongly believes a successful operation at Darpan could lead to taking down the entire Equinox terrorist organization.

We had hoped to work with ALEPH aspects on this troubling issue critical to the safety of the entire Human Sphere, but just as our investigation was leading us to a secure vault in the Xenostation we receive hardly veiled threats from the regional Polemarchos, and without even a mention of continuing the investigation. Has Tactical Subroutine MM-3639-Beta gone rogue? Or, perhaps worse, been maliciously taken over by Equinox?

Control of any portion of the Assault Sub Section would be a dream come true for Equinox, and a nightmare for the rest of the Human Sphere. We will root out the heart of this threat, even if we must do so alone, but we plead O-12 to take these reports seriously. Due to the nature of the threat, we will be hand delivering data packets to known trustworthy Bureau Toth agents. Please do not be alarmed by this unconventional method of delivery. Operatives have been instructed to not cause any permanent damage to items or persons and to bring a small, but charming gift. That last part is just our way of thanking you for your support.

Haqqislam High Command
Durgama Continent
Concilium Prima


Phase I

  • Raveneye, Port Battery – Port Fire Control Module
  • Raveneye, Port Battery – Ammunitions and Supplies Module

Comrades, Sisters, Siblings, and Brothers of the Nomad Nation:

This message is being sent by Mira Rivera, Captain of the Amethyst Sky and Reverend Custodier of the Observance of Saint Mary of the Knife, Our Lady of Mercy. I am transmitting from aboard the Raveneye Orbital Complex located above Concilium Prima. The station has suffered a major infiltration and attack by Combined Forces, and we are in dire need of reinforcements and support. I repeat – Combined Forces have opened a new front in the war on Concilium Prima.

We are calling for all available Nomad troops in the system to report to and reinforce Raveneye Station.

I’m sure news has reached the full sphere by now, but, using the station’s massive railguns, Morats have fired upon the Corregidor Mothership. Due to the heroic sacrifice of Captain Juana Prieto and the brave crew and residents of Módulo Satélite, the Mothership remains intact, if damaged. We will not forget the souls lost to the void, and we will avenge them.

Our Evader Tactical Groups have disabled the railgun, and the resolute forces of the Corregidor Jurisdictional Command have secured themselves within the control sections of the Port Battery and Ammunitions & Supplies Module of the Raveneye. Our hackers have intercepted Morat communications, and expect a renewed assault on the Battery, with the aim to seize and repair the railgun.

At this time, the Raveneye remains under majority control of Combined Forces, but key locations, including the control decks, are secure. Nomads currently hold the Port Battery and Ammunitions & Supplies Module, while Ariadnan forces refuse to relinquish command of the Starboard Battery to us. PanOceanian Military Orders under the Order of Santiago’s command control the Bow Section, which includes the Bridge and secondary firing control for the railguns. We have little contact with the Military Orders at the moment, but we continue in an uneasy ceasefire and alliance with Kosmoflot troops. Based on our most recent information, we don’t expect it to last long.

Unfortunately, while preparing countermeasures against the Combined, we’ve intercepted transmissions from the Ariadnan troops stationed within the Starboard Battery. While not entirely decrypted, we were able to piece together the following from Lieutenant Grigory Sorokin:

“… They expect us to barricade this section and make our stand here while we wait for rein… …what we are going to do is head over to where the Corregidorans are and… …it’s insane, nobody in their right mind would even dare try it, but we’re not… …and we have an extremely thirsty Polaris Team to lead the way.”

Let me be clear: We will meet any unprovoked aggression with swift and deadly force.

The Raveneye Station is of critical importance for the protection of the Durgama Peninsula of Concilium Prima. The Peninsula itself holds research facilities and more than a few secrets that we could plunder. That being said, our primary objective is to maintain control and reinforce our positions at the Port Battery and Ammunitions & Supplies Module. This will prevent further attacks on Corregidor and allow us to continue to resupply our forces. Following that, we will work to secure the entirety of the station under Nomad command. We believe Kosmoflot will move on our position in the near future. We must hold the remnants of the railgun to ensure it remains nonoperational. We will not yield another inch of this station to anyone, regardless of what flag they fly.

May God and Saint Mary of the Knife have mercy upon our enemies. Corregidor no olvida, and neither do the rest of the Nomads. Venganza por Módulo Satélite.

Transmission Out – Mira Rivera, Amethyst Sky, Bakunin

Phase II

  • Raveneye, Port Battery – Port Rail Cannon
  • Raveneye, Starboard Battery – Starboard Rail Cannon
  • Raveneye – Bow Section

Games at the Starboard Rail Cannon will still be eligible, but no new games, please!

You sit in companionable silence with the rest of your Nomad brethren, huddled together around an ammo can while you all load loose rounds into combi-rifle magazines. The fabric of your vacuum suit gloves make this work hard, but you’re a Nomad–working hard keeps you alive.

A Daktari walks by, his face framed by the light streaming in from the open hanger door. He loads another tube of medfoam into his MediKit on his way down the line of wounded. The patch of remembrance and mourning for the Satellite Module affixed to his chest catches your eye as he passes.

You’ve fought long and hard, and the aliens keep coming. Thankfully, so do the Nomad reinforcements. The Amethyst Sky, Hatsune Miku, Ulthar I, Ipanema, Bears, Auril’s Bounty and so many others, even battered Corregidor herself, have sent detachments of Nomads hell bent on revenge. The rest of the Durgama Defense Coalition is busy elsewhere–holding the Raveneye is the Nomads’ responsibility–nay–choice.  “Módulo Satélite: Ni perdón, ni olvido,” you mutter under your breath as you thumb another round into the magazine you’re holding.

Klaxons sound in your helmet, warning you of incoming Combined Army boarding torpedoes. Reverend Custodier Mira Rivera’s voice cuts through the chatter, calling for battle stations. There’s no need–everyone is already moving. Your Nomad brothers and sisters are tucking half-filled magazines into webbing pouches and stowing loose gear.  You can see the exhaustion around you, but all faces are set with grim determination. 

What point defense turrets are left in human control open up, kinetic kill rounds like a school of piranhas searching for their prey. You look to the hanger door, searching the sky for the drive cone flares of the incoming torpedoes as you rise your feet, trying to estimate how much time you have to find cover.

There. A mote of blue light, moving across the starfield. That’s a drive cone. It’s too close for the point defense to take it out in time. You heft your rifle, a rounds remaining counter flickering to life in your helmet visor. They’re coming.

What’s this? Two stars are born right before your eyes, streaking towards the boarding torpedo. Impact! Your visor darkens briefly against the blinding light, then reveals a soft ball of expanding gas. Something just intercepted the boarding torpedo!

An angular hole in the sea of stars appears, drinking in the light. Your comlog winks a glyph in your peripheral vision. An incoming message.

This is Interventor WiseKensai, commanding the Tunguskan Shadowship Crypto Winter. Combined boarding torpedo destroyed. We’re coming in to dock, and will need help unloading ammunition and medical supplies from our Haqqislamite allies and evacuating the wounded.

Stand fast. We must hold the Raveneye station and secure both the Starboard and the Port Batteries!

For the Satellite Module! Good hunting, Nomads.

Additional tasking orders and details can be found at the following Durgama Defense Coalition Arachne Node:

Attention all Nomad commanders! Emergency retasking!

PanO has made a tactical withdrawal at the Raveneye Bow!

PanO Tactical Withdrawal

It’s time to leave the Starboard Battery in the hands of Kosmoflot for now, and take the Bow!

Please retask whatever forces you have to the BOW and the PORT BATTERY.

Thank you for your tireless work and sacrifice, commanders.


Phase I

  • Raveneye, Bow Section

Esteemed Commanders of the Duragama Takeover crisis,

We Tohaa are here to relieve the beleaguered forces of PanOceania at the Sensoring Module at the Bow Section of the Raveneye station. We have seen how the combined army has harangued your troops, and though our numbers are few within the Human Sphere since the fall of the Daedalus Gate, we realize that we cannot stand by while the minions of the Combined threaten a station with such a critical role in the defense of Concilium Prima. We suggest PanOceania troops fall back to the Starboard Battery Fire Control Module to reinforce the badly outmatched Ariadna forces.

-Naami MuuKar
Tohaa Diplomatic Corps
Delivered through Thaam-Buur
Authorized Chaksa Representative

Phase II

  • Zebu – Symbioresearch Labs

Esteemed Commanders of the Duragama Takeover crisis and O-12 representatives,

With PanOceania securing the Bow section of the Raveneye station, our allies in Yu Jing securing their ground base from Combined attacks, as well as the forces of the Nomads and Ariadna repelling assaults on their locations, we Tohaa must turn to face and alarming development in which our experience is required. Though we had thought O-12 had the situation in Zebu under control, (with our forces in the area taking a step back to provide an advisory role), it has become apparent our initial reports regarding the matter were erroneous.

Analysis of the situation has been conducted by our most experienced Kumotail, and reports filed by our on the ground teams, indicate that the poor adherence to containment and quarantine protocols, agreed upon when this research was approved by the Diplomatic Corps, are the likely cause of the symbionts breaching containment when the Combined attacked the facility. While we understand the tragedy suffered by the staff at the hands of the Morats, and by no means which to place blame on anyone, the result of this breach of containment cannot be ignored. Reports are already coming in that unsecured symbionts are interacting with the local flora creating a highly corrosive spore release.

If not properly dealt with, this could jeopardize the viability of the entire peninsula for everything protected by anything less an ‘A’ rated hazmat suit. Beyond just the loss of life this would be a true ecological disaster equivalent to leveling the entire region from orbit.

The Trinomial and Trident leadership is in agreement that our teams can no longer stand by and must take a more direct role in the containment efforts. We advise all human personnel in the area to evacuate, and if experiencing any respiratory symptoms to seek treatment at the medical center at Alfutna which was set up in conjunction with Haqqislam and a detachment of our Kumotail to address this emergency. All humans we recover from the area will be safely transported to the Alfutna medical center for observation and will be reunited with their respective nations.

We recognize there may be misgivings at being treated by our Tohaa biomedics, and treatment will only be provided with explicit consent of the individual or in the case of a life threatening emergency which renders the individual unable to provide consent. In such a case, our biomedical will stabilize the individual until consent for further treatment can be obtained from their next of kin or national authority, or until they can be turned over for treatment by their respective nation.

We understand there will be some military presence in the surrounding area to continue combat with the Morat threat, but we urge them to take the utmost care, and heed the quarantine zone markers our teams will be setting around the perimeter of the Investigation center.

-Naami MuuKar
Tohaa Diplomatic Corps
Delivered through Thaam-Buur
Authorized Chaksa Representative

Yu Jing

Phase I

  • Camilliard
  • XianDao Steelworks

This is Hsien Agent Yue Fei of the ISS Durian Investigation Unit, at Yu Jing Crisis Command in the Durgama Peninsula of Concilium Prima. In my hand, I hold evidence of a Durian bio-engineered with Toxic Microspores native to this area. Our Durian Inspectors have been operating here for several months investigating this grave threat to the food supply of our citizens.

The investigation brought us to Durgama, but recent Combined Army offensives on the ground here and fighting in orbit on the Raveneye have forced me to become part of a nascent Durgama Crisis Committee and take a leadership role in marshalling the Yu Jing response.

During our investigations, we received intelligence that critical information archives and alien technological relics are being hidden by Pan Oceanian Military Orders in their Cameliard fortress. Moreover, that location holds vital information stolen from Yu-Jing during the Glottenburg Incident on Paradiso. Though I’m sure events are recent enough none of you has forgotten the lives we lost, we should never forget the facts. Pan-Oceanian forces illegally occupied the Alpha Four-Four research site and then fired on our border forces, starting a bloody border war. Sites like Alpha Four-Four hold information vital to the survival of the entire Human Sphere, and Pan Oceanian forces in concert with the MagnaObra corporation briefly plundered what information they could before deliberately demolishing anything remaining. Any opportunity to thoroughly research and share information that could be critical to the survival of the entire human sphere was lost, simply traded for a temporary advantage to the Hyperpower.

For now, we must pause our investigation, put our police work aside and become soldiers. While we support the Pan Oceanian military as our allies against the Combined Army, we cannot trust them as responsible custodians of vital information. We call on all Yu Jing military assets close to Concilium Prima, including all present and former deputies of the Durian Investigation Unit, to respond with all urgency. Secure Pan Oceania’s secrets at Cameliard before they fall into the hands of the Combined Army. Secure Yu Jing’s territory and interests at Xiāndăo Neosteelworks. Leave our former Japanese citizens at Gekidan Research Park alone, they will doubtless operate on whatever counterproductive agenda their Hexahedron masters feed them, but they are no interest of ours.

Phase II

  • Camilliard – Reliquary
  • Xiaodao – Main Furnace

My fellow Yu Jing Generals, this is Hsien Yue Fei of the ISS Durian Investigation Unit and designated representative of the Yu Jing High Command, addressing you from the Cameliard Guard Post. Apologies for the timeliness of this communication, my armor suffered a disabling e-mitter hit in my last engagement and it took one of our Zhanshi Gongchéng quite some time to fully reboot it.

Early on Sunday morning, Pan Oceanian high command ordered the total surrender of their troops at Cameliard realizing that the force we had sent to bolster defenses would be more than sufficient to keep it secure from the Combined Army threat. The Teutonic Order garrison simply laid down their arms and in a gesture of our goodwill are now being escorted to transport ships by an honor guard of our even tempered Bao Troops. The noble Knights will be handed directly over to Pan Oceanian command so they can continue their glorious fight to defend humanity, whilst dressed in their traditional, and quite ridiculous, medieval garb.

While we had feared a bitter fight, with the defenders here unwilling to give up their famous “Round Table”, “Holy Grail” and other such relics, scenes here are now firmly under control. It will take us some time to catalog and seperate cosplay props and LARPing weapons from alien artifacts worthy of proper research here. During this time it is absolutely critical that we maintain operational security and stop any intruders from destroying critical information or artifacts.

The guard post sustained some damage from our Yan Huo regiment’s missile launchers, which peppered the rustic battlements when we were asked to demonstrate the effectiveness of our armaments. This is nothing our engineers will not be able to repair and undoubtedly improve. We have been quite unable to figure out why there are quite so many “arrow slits” in the original architecture.

Reports at Xiāndăo Neosteelworks show no major offensives have been launched against that location and our corporate interests there are well protected. However, we have eyewitness reports that four workers at the neosteelworks died when a Durian, (or possibly a small Jackfruit), carrying some kind of weaponized Microspore Payload exploded and created a poisonous cloud of flesh consuming microspores in the steel workers residential district. Our forensic experts are working at the scene now, and our Haqqislam allies have offered their expertise analyzing samples and comparing them to the local biome. If necessary, we may order an emergency evacuation of some or all of the Xiāndăo site.

Your Phase 2 orders: 




DIU Deputies, please be vigilant for visible signs of Microspore fruit contamination during your routine sweeps of food retailers, night markets and their associated supply chains.

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