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Battle Reports

(Almost) Unstoppable Kriza

By Tcional


  • Mission: Unmasking
  • Forces: Tunguska versus OSS (300)
  • Deploy First: OSS
  • First Turn: OSS
Open in Army
Open in Army


I saw something of an offensive Haris in the middle so deployed most of my stuff in hiding, with few ARO opportunities, most of them covering approaches to my DZ. All Zondnauts were dismounted with Zondmates covering corners (Kriza HMG, Taskmaster Red Fury, Miranda Ashcroft, Penthesilea and Montesa are poxies for Zondnauticas). Securitate with Feuerbach and HMG set up as ARO and the rest was mostly hidden. I’ve decided that I want my Kriza to start in suppressive Fire.

Turn 1

Top of 1 – OSS

EVO pushes forward toward one of the consoles, throws Assisted Fire on TR drone and sticks to its position. TR Drone throws itself forward to take out Securitate ARO and open up the table for Asura’s Haris. TR parked in the middle and Asura went to town. Haris pushed forward to activate the middle console, find a decoy and position to defend.

Bottom of 1 – Tunguska

Zondnaut Hackers go forward using their Impetuous orders and then it’s Kriza’s time to shine. First he takes out Yadu left in the DZ with her HRL and then he goes after Haris. Another HRL Yadu goes down in an order.

Asura hides, but we realise that the TR Drone has vision on Kriza’s position. Zondnaut Hacker on the right flank goes in to isolate, immobilise it and shoot down the EVO.

Kriza takes a safer position in suppressive Fire.

Turn 2

Top of 2 – OSS

Aleph tries to bite back. Parvati activates the second console and Asura takes out Decoy and then risks her life to take out a Designated Target losing a single Wound to Kriza.

Bottom of 2 – Tunguska

Left-flank Zondnaut manages to Immobilise Asura so Kriza goes further on his rampage. He shoots down the Dakini defending Parvati and Asura, then finishes Asura and starts biting Parvati, finishing her in 2-3 Orders.

I feel like I’m in trouble since I might have taken out too many points so my Zondnauts rush in to activate the consoles and try taking shots at the HVTs. I successfully activate 2 Consoles finding the Designated target, but whiffing a shot or two I lack Orders to kill any of them.

Turn 3

Top of 3 – OSS

OSS counts their points up to 73 (since Yudbot was dropped before the game in favor of Parvati being in the Fireteam) and the game ends with their Retreat! and accomplished objectives, so it’s a…

7 – 2 

OSS win

Post Game Analysis

For some reason I love this Kriza Boracs profile. I feel like it’s self sufficient up to 24” and even had some trials of running him in Haris with HMG Kriza and a Hollow-Man that ended horribly with starting my Bottom of 1 against Tohaa with just 3 models on the table. Here Kriza showed his strength by wiping out over 200 points worth of models from the battlefield. Of course he had some help from the other models, but the shooting was still his part. He’s a single model with the firepower of a fireteam and is slightly cheaper. Will definitely run him more, especially since I’m planning to set up tables more densely in the near future.

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