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All the HVTs!

By: H-Town Shenanigans 

– Had some help from the guys! 


  • Mission: Evacuation 
  • Forces: Corregidor vs USARF
  • Deploy First: Jeremy
  • First Turn: Jeremy

Turn 1: OPEN FIRE! 

Jeremy takes the first turn and tries to advance up the board with a Brigada HMG fire team. Duncan’s sniper reacts with an ARO. 

Several shots are exchanged, with Duncan’s snipers. Jeremy spends several orders to break through, and eventually the Brigada Beefcake breaks through, but not after Duncan’s Rumblers take a wound off the HI. 

The Corregidor beat stick is able to make a clearing for HVT evacuation and Jeremy grabs a point! The Brigada are proving the mobile part of their name! — Brigada, show us the meaning of haste!

Duncan is able to capture an HVT on his side of the board and bring them to the console.

Both players are able to evacuate an HVT at this point. 

Duncan brings a specialist onto the board, and hilarity ensues…

Turn 2: “oh shit.”

The match is fairly close at this point, with both players trying to get their objectives.

The game continues, and both players are scoring objectives. 

Jeremy advances, and captures an HVT. Moving up the board, a Brigada link team sets up defensive positions… 

Duncan’s Airdrop Specialist is on the board, and is able to evacuate some HVTs during his turn. 

In true American fashion, the Specialist decides to use someone else’s stuff without permission. He hooks up with a civvie and also one of Jeremy’s HVTs, taking his dates to the extraction console on the enemy side of the table! Under the cover of smoke, one of the  HVTs are evacuated, however this is after failing 2 or 3 times (also in true American fashion), Duncan is out of orders, with the final HVT still in tow…. 

The smoke clears and the match results in the Specialist is faced with some rather burley Brigada, complete with menacing Kanji oozing out of their Haris team. 

Faced with the Infinity equivalent of having knocked over the biker gang’s bikes as they leave the bar, our intrepid parachutist decides (once again, in true American fashion) to point the gun at the HVT to create a good ‘ol Mexican Stand-off (in true American fashion). A nearby Hardcase levels her rifle to offer support with suppression fire, but otherwise the Airborne specialist stands alone. 

Turn 3: The Audacity

The dust settles on a Corregidoran Stand-off. The Brigada LT takes on the Airborne Ranger and the Hardcase. The Brigada is dead at the end of the order, but the Rumblers are unscathed. Smoke once again covers the console, delivered by a very helpful Devil Dog on a nearby roof. The last Brigada has no choice but to try to wrest the civvie from the Airborne, Unfortunately she learns a very harsh lesson regarding extensive CQC training and falls to the Rumbler’s blade.

Jeremy must concede defeat on his own console. Salvaging what he can from the rest of his turn, he vents his frustration on a fallen Desperado, with EXTREME PREJUDICE.

Duncan attempts to score the objective. Jeremy responds with a boarding shotgun! 

By the power of the Bald Eagle and Teseum, the paratrooper survives! HVT evacuated! (Much to the chagrin of the Brigada). 

The final score of the game is Duncan: 4 and Jeremy: 2 — a close match! 

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