Saturday, April 20, 2024
Painting Competiton

Painting Entries 017: Choose Your Weapon!


Mike (MikeP)

I have converted a Jotum TAG, and have added a giant hammer in and gave her quite a lot of battle damage. I will be using this model as a TripHAMMER proxy for my StarCo army. 

The lore on my army is that they take a lot of contracts from outer-rim colonies that are not happy with how their ruling nation treats them, and are looking to join the Nomad Nations. These colonies were inspired by the stories they’ve heard about StarCo, specifically of the defectors like Fiddler and Emily Handelman, who have gained much success in the Nomad Nations, and have asked for StarCo to come and liberate them. 

This Jotum, “Rusty”, and her pilot Janeway were from an outer-rim PanO colony. Rusty is an older Jotum model and has seen quite a lot of battle. She has quite a few scrapes and cuts, and energy from her core is leaking out. Daktari warn that there may be radiation leaking from this TAG, and have advised it be decommissioned. The pilot plans on eventually working with engineers to get her patched up, but these repairs are yet to be scheduled. 

Obadiah (Nehemiah)


It’s a Digger, based on the character Karl Honig from Johnny Mnemonic. N1 Dogface body + Achilles Hoplite head + Sword from Swiss Guard HMG.

Chris (Burlesford)

A little context for the mini: I wanted my Stigmaton to look more like the original artwork than the actual model does. For reference, I attached two pictures that shows what I mean – those aren’t official entry pictures, they’re just something for you judges to better understand what I was aiming for.

The actual CCW conversion had two reasons: One, I hated that ugly sword, and two, the Stigmata have E/M CCWs, so I wanted to give mine something that better represents that.

Jordan (Obyiscus)

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