Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Jhokalups – Operation Orders – 1

Jhokalups – Operation Orders – 1

Infinity can be a mentally taxing game. WiseKensai has been writing about mental fatigue and how to get past mental blocks. This has inspired me to look at how I plan my games. When looking back at several of them, I realized that I have been misspending orders on activities that do not increase my score, decrease my opponents score, nor develop my board position. In these games I get caught up on a big roadblock, like a multi-sniper watching one of the main firelines, and am unable to reset out of beating down that block. In the spirit of improvements I have started looking at the missions that I am playing and breaking down the mission into activities that I need to do to score points. I then order these points into an ordered list from biggest points delta to items that I shouldn’t care about unless the opportunity arises.

The first event that I tried to do this for was our March Mambo, a single round showdown using deadly dance. This was the checklist I came up with for deadly dance.

Deadly Dance Checklist:

  1. Dominate my Assigned Zone of Operations (AZO) 1/round
    1. Have my TAG in my AZO Additional 1/round
  2. Prevent my opponent from dominating there AZO 0/round
    1. Prevent Enemy TAG from being in dominated AZO 0/round
  3. Kill Opponents Data Tracker 2
  4. Dominate more ZOs during last round 1

In my opinion, scoring points is most important, and a dominant TAG can score 6 of the points available in this mission. If I can keep my opponents TAG from getting into their zone, and prevent them from dominating there zone, then I can get 6 points ahead. The data tracker will pick up another two points if the opportunity presents itself.

Obviously for maximum points you will need a TAG. Some anti-TAG tech is also useful to have. For the factions I play I have two ways to play. The Lizard in Bakunin demands attention and support. It is also a huge presence that would be hard to ignore. In StarCo I can have the Anaconda act more like an expensive heavy infantry piece, and have some other focused killers in the list. Here are some lists that I would use in Deadly Dance:



In the future I will continue these style of articles. Analyzing new events and the combination of scenarios that are required.