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Mission 010 Report: Safe Ground

Sadly, this was a pretty busy month for us at Bromad Acadmey, so I didn’t get a chance to engage deeply with our participants! That said, we have a great community and three participants wrote in with their experiences using terrain in their games.

Without further ado, please join me in congratulating Carter, who has won a blister of his choice this month!

Nathan (Jhokalups)

Hey Bromad Academy,
Our event had some neat terrain on every table. Here is a summary of my games for May the Fourth.

Jhokalups Field Operations Report 22



Here is my battle submission for this months academy!
playing the grid with mountains and trees created a challenge.

I very quickly found that the forward observe skill in a link is a huge amount better for this mission than having a lot of FWD deploying specialists. 


Hi Wise Kensai,

This mission finally pushed me to try out some of the terrain rules which I have meaning to do for a while now!

The board as such, with 4 forested areas on the left side of the board. we played them each a bit differently

  1. logged/bombed forest hill, with trees piled up on the edges as walls: difficult terrain, and the piled logs as cover.
  2. Thin trees on hill:  difficult terrain, low-visibility, saturation zone, no cover from trees, only from the barrels in this area.
  3. Large Tree Forest:  Difficult terrain, low-visibility, saturation zone, Trees give Cover
  4. Large Trees: Trees Give Cover, and low-visibility when adjacent.

The mission was Frontline with My Bakunin vs my opponents Hassassins. I brought a bunch of multi-terrain units hoping to take advantage of the terrain. With a pair of Zero minelayers, a Prowler, and Kusanagi (who Harris’d with 2 Custodiers). My opponent took deployment leaving me the first turn. I was planning to have a Sin-eater and moderators hold the line while I alpha struck with my Harris and Prowler using their multi-terrain 

My opponent however had nearly his entire army infiltrating with bunch of Fidays, Daylami and Farzans on my side of the board. Leading to a bloodbath on the roof tops on the first few turns. 

The game ended with  my opponent having a commanding lead on the game though my intelecom card prevented him from grabbing my rear zone, leaving it as only a minor victory.

The terrain still did come into play despite most of the action occurring on the rooftop:

  •  My prowler did come in  from the middle left forest area (2) and mowed down the two regular orders he could see, as my opponent wasn’t expecting a attack from that angle. Though most of the rest of his forces  were secure in a link team on the other side of the board or in marker state, cutting his spree short.
  • The hill prevented his AD: Rajik from rushing my Harris on the hill and getting into cover letting me move him down (don’t do it, I have the highground!)
  • Unfortunately it turns out Fidays also have multi terrain, and Al-Djabel came out from the same forest as my prowler on turn 3 and finished off most of my link team. and he used the low-vis from the forest to make it near impossible to discover him before his attack.
  • Also while not a direct impact it resulted in most of the units avoid these areas completely. I think this can make movement more predictable for tables using difficult terrain.

All in all the terrain wasn’t completely game changing, but it was an interesting new factor to consider, and I think people should use it more often.

This is my first time entering one of your missions but I plan to do some more going forward!



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