Friday, June 14, 2024

Corregidor Aguiciles – Unit Analysis

The Aguiciles, the basic line troop found within StarCo and likely the most common type of core fireteam you will field within the sectorial. While there is nothing incredibly unique about them, the Aguiciles provide relatively cheap orders some versatility, and support for one of the faction’s more deadly pieces (Emily Handelman) for a budget cost. Lets take a look at the profiles and go over some strengths and weaknesses of the Aguiciles.

At first glance, youd think they look like completely basic line infantry, at for the most part you’d be correct. The statline is completely average for this troop type, as well as a majority of the loadouts. All your basic SWC options are there for active and ARO shooters as well as your standard array of specialist profiles. The one unique profile however is the Forward Observer, who is also packing deployable repeaters, which is a phenomenal tool for StarCo as they have a plethora of options for hackers (which we will get into at a later time). The Aguiciles Hacker is also the only hacker in the faction capable of getting Sixth Sense via fireteam bonuses, which makes him a massive benefit to any hacking focused lists.

The LT option is not something you will likely be utilizing all that much as the 1 SWC cost for the profile is a bit hard to swallow. If you have the SWC to spare though, its actually the best of the very limited LT options in the faction in my opinion.

So what are you going to be using these troop for? Generally speaking they will either be used as cheap orders, deployment zone defense, or backup specialists if you are not utilizing a core fireteam of them. Most often though, I believe you will be using that core team which can become a very formidable tool for you to utilize, especially when paired with Emily Handelman, who can join the Aguiciles core team. This is where these guys really pull their weight withing the faction.