Suit Up

Finding the Right Fit For Your List Lists in Infinity are like suits. When you go to a store that knows what they’re doing to buy a suit, you’re going to get it tailored. It’s going to be adjusted and modified to suit your needs and preferences so that it fits perfectly. If you grab … Continue reading Suit Up

X-Visors and You

X-Visors are a very effective pieces of equipment that don’t get enough love beyond being used in combination with suppression fire (which is a great use). They completely change the capability of the weapons alongside it in a way that is not immediately obvious, but when used intelligently can have drastic effect. There are only … Continue reading X-Visors and You

The Free Company of the Star

Welcome to StarCo HQ! Your one stop shop for everything relating to the “Good Guy” Mercs of the Infinity universe.

Things are pretty barren right now, but we’re working on bringing you unit and list analysis as well as tactics…