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Mission 018: Fireteam Duo

Second month of 2020! So many two’s, so it was time to do a Fireteam: Duo Bromad Academy mission! We did a three-man core mission a few months ago:

We’re looking at Fireteam: Duos this time (if you want to take a 2-man Haris or Core, by all means, go for it). We’re losing the burst bonus, but we’re also reducing our vulnerability surface by one whole model!

The Mission

Play a game with at least one 2-model Fireteam. Doesn’t have to be an actual Fireteam: Duo, 2-member Haris or Core teams is fine. Focus specifically on

  • Leveraging the movement bonus
  • Combining the toolkit of two models

Once you’re done, go ahead and write in to [email protected] with your thoughts. If you’re going to write a battle report (not required) please use the following template, and please share it with the above email address!

I’ll randomly select a winner from all our respondents to get either a blister or a Bromad Academy patch, their choice!

Fireteam: Duo Thoughts

So, we’re going to talk about two key benefits of the Fireteam: Duo, and we’re going to use some battle reports for context and examples.


First, let’s talk about the movement benefits with this battle report:

In the above report, I use a Vet Kazak and Ratnik Duo. Aside from classifieds, neither can push buttons, flip objectives, or anything like that. The entire point of the Duo is to slingshot each member of the Duo into its best rangeband. It is an absolute monster of a Duo, and it costs a lot, but it can really clear out a flank.

The point here is to not advocate for this particular Duo (although I really like it), it’s to advocate for using the free movement on one of the models while the other runs and guns. Here’s another example of a mission where I would have lost without access to the extra movement afforded by the Duo.

In this mission, I had to accomplish Predator with not a lot of orders and with targets past the midline. I had a Krakot + Kendrat Duo in Ikari, and I was able to get Predator because while the Krakot beat down one Riot Grrl, I was able to maneuver Kendrat into base to base with the other.

Think of it this way. If you’re careful as you move the Duo around… you’re getting a 8″ teleport, order free.

Combining Toolkits

There are very few profiles in Infinity that are both competent gunfighters as well as useful specialists. If they do exist, they’re generally pretty expensive or they come with a lateral limitation. For example, Mary Problem is a very dangerous gunfighter due to her ODD in SMG ranges, and she’s a very competent, capable, and flexible specialists.

However, that SMG rangeband and her average BS makes it difficult for her to fight her way out of the deployment zone, and when she’s in her good rangeband, i.e. 8″, she’s going to be in direct template weapon range. So, let’s talk about some combinations of toolkits.

I’m a huge fan of the Miranda and ABH Red Fury duo. Depending on what the ABH rolls for booty, you can get a lot of serious work done. The Red Fury can get Miranda where she needs to go, and once she’s there she can get in close with her ODD and even push some buttons.

In the above ISS report, I managed to roll an LGL on the ABH, which really made the Duo very strong.

Emily and Uhahu also make a good Duo out of StarCo. I’ve long been a proponent of them, they made a good team and bring a lot to the table. You can even set up a really disgusting speculative fire situation by rolling Uhahu up, pitchering, spotlighting, and then spec-firing. That’s 12″ of movement to get Emily into position and maybe even with 16″! If not, you can just abuse her X-Visor.

One other fun part about Fireteam: Duo is that with the plethora of Wildcard options you can build some really cool Duos with lots of powerful toolkits. So get out there and try it out!

Good hunting, Bromads!

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