Painting Entries 007 – Conversions

Eduardo (PibeLobo)

Yegor (thisisme)

Conversion Process (not for judging)


Judges, please only evaluate the Sonic conversion, in blue. Thanks!

Basecoating (not for judging)

Carlos (Zeps)

Meteor and Stempler Conversion (not for judging)

Matt (MattyMcFly)

Shasvastii Conversion (not for judging)

Jo (The MightyJob)

Larry (Correria)

Group Shot (not for judging)

Dawid (Shingen)

Conversion Detail (not for judging)

Josef (Moxie)

Conversion Detail (not for judging)

Nate (natet3haggresar)

Conversion Detail (not for judging)

Arsenij (Avendigo)

David (osographic)

Glamour Shot (not for judging)

Christian (spacemonkeymafia)

WIP (Not for judging)

Jordan (Obyiscus)

For Fun!


Conversion (not for judging)

2 thoughts on “Painting Entries 007 – Conversions

  • 2021-10-01 at 01:09

    wow a gorgos – just getting it will be instant win 🙂

  • 2021-10-01 at 04:05

    That was a great one. All the entries are so interesting to look at, that Marut…


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