Saturday, April 20, 2024

Mission 047 Report: Positional Development

Travel is going to delay the next episode of Late Night Wargames, so rather than keep you all waiting, I spun the WHEEL OF NAMES! Congratulations to Jordan for the win this month!

Jordan (sprocketgx)

so thursday august 4th i played a game against adam.  he brought the new HB to try out the new units they just came out with, while i brought USARF. we went with frontlines

I wanted to try out 5 man marauders with a sniper and HRL with an AP spitfire to move up.  My plan was to move to the center of the field on one edge of the table and cover the side fire lanes. So I won the roll and decided to go first after deploying i found out that I did not stop and think of what would be a good setup for cover and defence.

We only played 2 rounds and Adam just wiped the floor with me, but I would say I have not played against HB in years and was rushed. More or less it was a fun game just to be there so Adam can try out the new Units and learn to stop and look at the table and just think of where to go, also try and land influtrating grunts in the enemy half of the table.

Piotr (Tcional)

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