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Ariadna Campaign Overview

High command was active before the events of Shattergrounds, picking willing members to join in to help run things smoothly. A vote was cast to choose command, with the only stipulation that you cannot cast a vote for yourself. Hythan Rake (Trash Pander) was selected.

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Talks were immediately underway with commands of the other factions along with strategic discussions of the coming campaign. Open conflict was inevitable with tensions high with PanO due to the treatment of the workers on Okolnir. The groundwork for our activities was set up by SSG Jules LaCroix (Jukebox) providing intel, a base of operations, and a command structure.

Black Sky Lands on Concilium

Black Sky, Ariadna’s intelligence and special operations divisions, lands on Okolnir, dispersing agents throughout the planet to begin their watch. Reports quickly came back of how rapidly the CA forces have integrated themselves within Edda spaceport. O-12 forces seemingly welcomed them into the port in clear violation to the borders that were set for them.

Opening Discussions with PanOceania

Ariadna command and PanO command initiated talks, with PanO surprised that Ariadna was set to secure Okolnir and instead insisted that we attack another target. PanO had hoped to secure Okolnir without firing a shot, however, talks broke down quickly when PanO command mentioned it would be a shame for Ariadnan civilians to get caught in the crossfire. This was a clear threat Ariadna High Command couldn’t ignore and preparations were made to infiltrate and take Okolnir to avoid this threat turning into reality.

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Black Sky units, directly under Hythan Rake (Trash Pander) began smuggling weapons into Okolnir, all the while capturing footage of the treatment of Okolnir citizens under PanO’s protection. Feeding it back directly to Dawn and the people there. Within hours the footage was broadcast all over Dawn. Ariadna was ready to stand behind its people.

Conflict was now inevitable. Our response to PanO’s demands was provided by Mckaptain with the simple message of “Nuts” to Pano high command. Ariadnan forces, using long established black market smuggling routes, moved into the facility and quickly captured it from PanO forces where it stayed for the duration of the campaign.

Our People. Our Okolnir.

Coined by Mckaptain, the phrase was spread throughout every news outlet available. Black Sky feeding it to every nation and pulling in favors to broadcast it, the rallying cry was soon heard by every nation in the Sphere, quickly becoming the war cry of the people on Okolnir. Ariadna was ready for anything its enemies could throw at them.

Talks with Haqqislam

Major Williams, (Hortanium) And Hythan Rake (Trash Pander) entered into diplomacy with Haqqislam High Command. Initial expectations were low, with the best outcome expected to be a non-aggression pact. In an unexpected and pleasant turn of events, the two sides quickly found common ground in dealing with the threat posed by the Combined Army on Edda.

An alliance was agreed to, In exchange for advanced medical technology, Ariadna would provide support to Edda space station with the stipulation of Okolnir remaining in the hands of Ariadna on conclusion of the campaign. Additionally, footage of Ariadnan and Haqqislamite forces fighting side by side was fed back to Dawn, with Ariadnan command hoping to start an age of healing and ending long held grudges for the benefit of all Ariadna.

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Intel suggests that Hythan Rake had another motive for this, a rare sickness he had been suffering with for years that was set to claim him by the year’s end. It was erased from his body at the conclusion of the campaign, however, these are for the minute, unconfirmed rumors. After years as an isolationist faction, Ariadna had finally returned to the galactic community.

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Facing the Ur hegemony threat looming over all Concilium, the forces of Ariadna, Aleph, Nomads, Yujing, Haqqislam, Tohaa and PanO entered talks on how to best deal with this situation. The plan was Pano forces would take edda, Montalban would be given to Nomad forces and Olkolnir would stay in the hands of Ariadna, while in the next stage of the campaign PanO asked to hold two sectors.

This quickly fell apart as the nations felt that PanO was asking for too much in this outcome and hostilities resumed, Ariadna was now unable to provide support to Edda, being forced to defend Okolnir from more PanO depredations. We fell back, sending out what forces we could spare instead of a full scale assault.

Formation of the Quantum Containment Coalition

The forces of Nomads, Yujing, Haqqislam and Tohaa now invited the Ariadnan command to officially join them, however, Nomad command publicly invited Ariadna command to join them, to which Hythan Rake (Trash Pander) accepted. PanO, seeing some kind of double cross, were outraged. However, Ariadna had always maintained that the protection of Edda Spaceport was paramount to the safety of Concilium and the entire Sphere.

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Another motive has been suggested for the acceptance in public, Hythan Rake, the Black Sky commander on Concilium, has a long history of anti PanO opinions and motives. Hythan, sensing an opportunity to split PanO forces, seized on the opportunity. Some say it brought the downfall of PanO on Concilium as Nomad and Ariadnan forces fought a split PanO force and captured their key objectives.

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The Creation of the AWU

Trying his best to capitalize on the new found popularity the working class had for High Command and at the same time, protect those workers on Okolnir and beyond, Hythan Rake created the Ariadnan Workers Union or AWU for short. The goal of this union being the safety and protection of the rights that Ariadnan civilians had while working for the other factions of the Sphere, production under AWU guidance has had a noticeable uptake in all sectors they have found themselves in, however, O-12 reports also noticed a small uptick in black market weapons both being distributed to Ariadnans and being sold on the black market.

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Another slight by PanO

In an effort to remain amicable, Mckaptain reached out to PanO command, allowing them to withdraw their remaining forces from Okolnir. Ariadnan forces would open an extraction corridor, allowing military and civilians a route off Okolnir, with all captured cubes being returned. PanO threw this back, ceasing all negotiation. As a result, all captured cubes remain in Ariadnan hands, along with any high ranking military POWs.

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Shipments of Meme Fish to Bahai

Meme fishing is dangerous work, that’s why they pull the tough workers of Ariadna for it. Now, with the abundance created from the increased production at Okolnir thanks to the AWU, shipments were sent to the humanitarian efforts of Bhai, along with all PanO civilians that held posts on Okolnir.

Ariadnan Command Faces Backlash

Many commanders in Ariadna were openly hesitant about any dealings with Nomad forces after their assaults against us while we tried to hold the Raveneye.

A major back and forth was held on this decision, command however stated that this is not us trusting the Nomad forces, this is Ariadna dealing with a threat of the Ur hegemony posed against every human in the Sphere, Command unwilling to stand aside when the fate of humanity was at stake.

Relations improve with Nomad Forces

Nomad command having picked up chatter of an impending Attack on AWU personnel move to intercept and secure civilian targets.

Unfortunately, Not all are saved in time, Sigen Reed and Mattias Krawl are killed in the exchange, However some good news is quickly passed around as third AWU member is extracted safely from ALEPH clutches.

Ariadna High Command is quick to declassify this data and hand it our quelling the grumbling of skeptical Ariadnan commanders at least for now.

Mysterious Circumstances

The death of First Agent Spheres on Montalban shocks the nation. The apparent infiltration of Shasvastii forces into Montalban is still under direct scrutiny of the newly promoted First Agent Rake. Agent Spheres had at the time been meeting with PanO command to reinstate the ceasefire and potentially return large portions of Okolnir to PanO forces. Agent Rake was unfortunately unable to stop the assassination attempt in time publicly holding PanO security solely responsible for the death of Agent Spheres, by Allowing either willingly or by sheer neglect CA forces into Montalban.

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With a heavy heart Agent Rake now takes command of Black Sky.

Attack on Ariadnan High Command

Victory in sight, Ariadna command hosted a news broadcast live on Dawn to Dusk, however, the interview was interrupted by an attack, the events still steaming live, the current whereabouts of First Agent Hythan Rake currently unknown. That said, this is standard practice in this situation and Ariadna Command are confident that the attack was repelled without concern.

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Key Victories in the Campaign

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