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Shattergrounds – Haqqislam Summary

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Haqqislam in Shattergrounds took a more defensive, and humanitarian approach to the campaign this year. Leading up to the campaign, the core Haqqislam players, and probable future High Command came together and promoted the idea of Waqf al-Badawi as our driving faction narrative, a narrative that Errhile had created every campaign since Wotan for his involvements.

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A Waqf, historically, was formed to conduct a specific task, and in our narrative, Waqf al-Badawi is a NGO that provides humanitarian support and aid to civilian populations. It is not a singular entity, but one formed as need arises, and is provided support by the Sword of Allah and the Haqqislamite government for its task. On the first day of the campaign we communicated to all factions that Bhai University was to be held as an aid center for refugees by Waqf al-Badawi, under Sword of Allah protection.

by WiseKensai

As the timeline advanced, Haqqislam worked to get its High Command assigned, and in parallel communicated with its former Durgama Defense Coalition allies (Yu Jing, Nomads, and Tohaa) to re-engage. Haqqislam did not feel comfortable with the other nations ostracizing and condemning all of Tohaa for the actions of Spiral Corp, and worked hard to ensure the other Nations knew this. As these four nations came together, we began speaking more with Ariadna again, their new leadership looking at the potential of alliance. Then O-12 capitulated to the Combined Army.

by Lady Numiria

This became a large conversation as ALEPH and Ariadna both increased their communications with Haqqislam. Panoceania showed slight interest in communications as ALEPH as an intermediary. Ariadna and Haqqislam quickly came to an accord, and shook hands with the stipulations that Haqqislam would provide advanced medical training and medical supplies to AEC, in exchange for Ariadnan assistance at Rhodan Space Port in Edda.

Then over the next couple of days, this alliance was more formalized with the creation of the Quantum Containment Coalition, bringing an alliance of Yu Jing, Haqqislam, Tohaa, Nomads, and Ariadna. Talks with ALEPH and Panoceania deteriorated quickly after this as ALEPH wished to remain neutral, and Panoceania made demands of multiple zones and victory for their assistance, which was not seen as equitable, but Panoceania hard lined and then pulled out.

by WiseKensai

ALEPH and Haqqislam then came to an agreement, with a mutual assistance pact and agreed to provide each other aid and assistance in research so long as we avoided each other’s territories. It was at this time Combined Army was seen as in full control of Edda, and Operation Nujoom was born, Arabic for Star or Starlight. This operation’s primary goal was for Haqqislam to take Edda, but its secondary goal was to reduce Combined Army attacks on Lorena in support of ALEPH. While the primary goal did not succeed, Haqqislam made a noticeable impact on Combined Army offensives on Lorena, pulling enough points away to ensure ALEPH’s control. As such Operation Nujoom was deemed a minor success.

by WiseKensai

As Phase 2 began, it was announced that The Shimmering Sky Tracking Station was of the highest priority. This gave the Haqqislam High Command some concern, especially when O12 announced a combined O12, Combined Army initiative to take the Station. Haqqislam Sword of Allah forces dug in, creating layers of defense, only to then find out, no offensive was coming. It was decided to remain at Bhai for Phase 2 in case the offensive materialized, but over time, we saw Panoceanias offensive on Edda Beltway growing and the fight intensifying there.

by WiseKensai

At this time, we did not see a need for our forces anywhere, and simply remained dug in. Haqqislam forces did run several training exercises with Yu Jing and Nomad forces during this time to help train them in asymmetric and counter insurgency warfare. Waqf al-Badawi gained the support from ALEPH to utilize the airfields of Lorena for large ship landings to aid in refugee evacuation. The Waqf also assisted Ariadnan Naval forces in a sea based rescue of a refugee ship off the coast near Okolnir.

by WiseKensai

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