Friday, July 12, 2024

Ducktail Pub

The depths of 1777 Du-ε are ripe with pubs, bars, and disreputable businesses where pirates and lowlifes can find some of what they charitably call “work”. Escort missions and raiding parties are the most common gigs available to your average outlaw, but the pay is low and the risks substantial.  Good work is available to those who can find it though. Well-off or well-connected mercenaries, better equipped and better organized than any of your run-of-the-mill best-buy-shi-bazouk, are able to find out who has the best jobs on Du-ε, eventually; and that’s the Ducktail Pub.

Entrance is free, but admittance to the VIP rooms needs to be earned. Each mercenary captain back there has had to leverage their wits, connections and resources in unique ways to be allowed to smoke true-tobacco lho-sticks, drink naturally fermented amasec, use luxurious quasi-spa pods, and most importantly gaze upon the Bill-board, the database of all good contracts. After that, it’s only a matter of doing the jobs and reporting in with the correct piece of paperwork.

Easy money.

Just remember the rules: everything that goes on in the VIP rooms stays in the VIP rooms, no complaining about the money, no probing questions into the Bill-board, and, most importantly, no questions about the owner.

Ducktail Pub Bounty System

Whether you’re an NA-2 player or want to contract out one of the mercenary companies, the Ducktail Pub’s Bill Board has you covered. Please coordinate with your faction leadership to post a bounty to the bill board, but all bounties are available for claim by any NA-2 players!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a Mission – Select your mission based on the faction matchup, that part doesn’t change.
  2. Check the Bill Board – If your opponent is playing one of the “Target” factions on the Bill Board, and the bounty sounds fun to you, you can “take on” that bounty, i.e. work it into your narrative! Each bounty rewards a certain amount of fake in-game currency called BitCreds.
  3. Claim the Bounty – Click the button below to claim the bounty, which is basically submitting your game to Lt Cuddles so he can keep track of what’s going on.
  4. Get Paid (with BitCred) – Based on how your game went, you’ll be awarded the amount of BitCreds promised by the bounty, plus or minus the Ducktail Pub’s cut, in-game material costs (how many models did you keep alive), and other in-game bonuses/penalties. We’ll keep a running total of the BitCred in your wallet throughout the campaign.

There will be be some in-campaign, in-universe benefits to having the biggest BitCred wallet. We’ll post the leaderboard of both the richest mercs and the most spendy factions as appropriate, and Lt Cuddles is busy cooking up some fun additional benefits. We’ll let him cook!

Remember, you don’t have to write a battle report, but if you’re taking on a bounty we hope you do. The bounties are supposed to be a narrative hook for you to enjoy and build off of. That said, if you’re a line go up sorta person and just want to rack up bounties, go for it!

Bounty Submission

Are you low on headcount, but have some budgetary flexibility in your slush fund? Post something on the Ducktail Pub’s Bill Board and hire a mercenary company today!

To submit a bounty to the Bill Board, simply fill out the form above with your nom de guerre, the client faction and target faction, a short description of services requested, and of course, the most important thing, the payout.

Bounty Claim

Welcome into the Ducktail Pub, commander! Mission complete? Let me pour you a pint. Ah, you’re looking for your payout? We’ve got it right here, minus our cut of course!

To claim a bounty on the Bill Board, fill out the form above with your identity and the results of your mission. We’ll get your BitCreds out of escrow and transfer to your BitCred wallet immediately!

The Bill Board