Friday, July 12, 2024

Prepare For the Rose City Raid 2019!

The Pacific Northwest’s very own ITS Satellite Tournament is coming, and you’d better be prepared! I’ve selected a grueling line up of scenarios, am crafting handfuls of special terrain, and hassling tons of sponsors to make sure that the Rose City Raid 2019 will be an event to remember.



Tickets and Exclusive Mini

First off, the tickets will be available, January 1st, at 12:00pm PST, on They are bound to go fast, and very limited, so be sure to get them ASAP. Each ticket comes with one of our exclusive Drunk Yuan Yuan miniatures, sculpted by the legendary Obadiah Hampton, furthermore, additional minis will be available to purchase, but only for verified ticket holders.

Infinity The PDX


Due to the challenge of playing on some extreme tables, you’ll really want to become familiar with how to score points and win these scenarios. The more familiar you are with the scenarios, the more effort you can spend thinking about how the table itself is going to factor into your game.

  1. Highly Classified

  2. Power Pack

  3. Transmission Matrix

  4. Unmasking

  5. Frostbyte


The Red Deck

Don’t forget that the Rose City Raid 2019 will be using the Extreme Classified deck for all purposes, including Highly Classified.


Special Terrain

As I’ve promised all along, this event will include extensive use of the special terrain rules. Each table will be accompanied by an explanation of how the terrain on that table will be played. The majority of the tables will be like the medium or low density examples I’ve posted below, but there will definitely be a few that are like the high density table, including the top table itself. As a general rule, all special terrain zones will be considered as tall as the tallest element in it, so no infinitely high shrubs or water features.

 High Density Example

High Density Example

 Medium Density Example

Medium Density Example

 Low Density Example

Low Density Example

If you’d like to hear more of my thoughts about special terrain, check out the White Noise episode where they interview me!




For those who are looking for a little late night action, we’ll also be running an Aristeia Showdown after gaming on Saturday night. The bar will still be open, so lets take advantage of their ample space. Bring your favorite team of Aristos to a single round of King of the Hill.