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Mission 024: 20×20 Border Wars + Bounty Hunt

By Victor!


  • Mission: Border Wars + Bounty Hunt
  • Forces: Tunguska versus Shasvasti (300)
  • Deploy First: Tunguska
  • First Turn: Tunguska


I deployed one TR on each side of the table, and warcor in the middle, in order to cover approaches.

Daktari was there to protect from AD troops.

One Hollow on each side, in order to attack enemy flanks jumping quickly. 

I protected the zondnautica because I didn’t want to expose it too early

Interventors hidden because they don’t want to be exposed.

Hecklers right in the middle because it was the forward deployment ground, which offered more protection

My opponent placed a middle wall of camo markers in order to prevent my advanced. He also placed a speculo with a mine close to my right Hollow, behind the building. The mine prevented my Daktari from moving freely.

He deployed the Sphinx in hidden deployment and the caliban on his future path.

I managed to recognize the minelayer+mine, and the mentor+ambush

Turn 1

Top of 1 – PlayerA

Hollow advances and jumps. The seed soldier triggers his chestmine, and the Hollow kills him while tanking the mine:

The Hollow fails his discovery roll. I put markmanship on the TR Salyut with my LT order (hey, I feel brave due to this month mission!) and move it, which discovers and kills the speculo without letting her use automedikit

Hollow moves and tries to discover the mine. He fails and climbs the ladder to the top of the building. He tries to discover and shoot, but fails and has to kill the shrouded with an intuitive attack (I forgot to leave him prone and I will regret later!)

NOTE: It would have been better to go after the Mentor instead, and try to put him into Loss Of LT

Bottom of 1 – PlayerB

He reveals a Sphinx, moves and kills my Hollow after suffering a crit:

He moves and reveals the Shrouded KHD. He sacrifices himself but kills my Interventor HD+

Turn 2

Top of 2 – PlayerA

I am in Loss Of LT. I spend irregular orders advancing and command tokens for healing the interventor.

I cannot hit the Sphinx because it’s in Supression Fire

Bottom of 2 – PlayerB

He kills all my models with the sphinx after using the caliban for recovering his wounds. He also kills my interventor again.

He does automedikit in order to coup the grace my hollow, but my koalas trigger and kill him

Turn 3

Top of 3 – PlayerA

I can’t get close to the Sphinx with my Lunokhod and hack trough it, so I try attacking with the Heckler with Jammer, either missing my rolls or not beating the Sphinx’s reset.

I also move the remaining TR Salyut and remove a mine. It’s on the enemy half of the table ☺

At this point, I didn’t realize I could have placed a Fast Pand and hack through it!! 

Bottom of 3 – PlayerB

Nomads don’t win, because of the Sphinx ☹

The Caliban kills the Heckler but I place a FastPanda, hoping to hack the sphinx. 

He also kills my TR Salyut with his Mentor:

Finally, he moves the Sphinx and passes my possession attempt! 

Post Game Analysis

Definitively, I should have pushed further my right Hollow and tried to kill the Mentor instead of the Minelayer. This would have made things easier on my second turn, as the Sphinx wouldn’t have had that many orders.

I placed my interventor and Salyuts badly, so he had a really easy run for killing him. However, I think I did more stuff that expected being in LOL. I should have remembered that the securitate keeps his regular order ☹

Another thing I should remember is that hecklers can jam camo markers doing intuitive attacks and he has Fast Pandas

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