Saturday, April 20, 2024

Author: Stuart Marsh


INTEL FILE: Shot in the Back

“Where is the best place to aim when you shoot someone Sensei-sama?”- “In the back Jai Li-kun, in the back…” -Ninja Master, The Foot Clan Ever been confused by how Warning!, Guts, Change Face and Alert work? Ever been confused when they all have to work together?????? At the same time!!!!!! In this article I’m…

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Battle Reports

War of the Worlds IX

War of the World IX @IBuyWargames Another great War of the Worlds tournament at IBuyWargames in Woking, Surrey. Despite the earlier snow, there were 18 players, with just a few dropouts.  Lots were from the IBuyWargames local gamers, but quite a few travellers as well! Keith (Kurrelgyre) and Graham (GammaRay) took on the Fire Team…

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