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Mission 035: Limited Insertion

Limited Insertion isn’t really a thing anymore in N4, because there are no more protections on the single combat group list. Your opponent can dock you two orders for your 10 order list, which is a big deal and quite punishing! Thankfully, there are a number of ways of getting additional orders packed into a single combat group, be with Strategos, Lieutenant orders + NCO, Tactical Awareness, of Impetuous orders. The real benefit to having a single order group these days is packing in all of your highly capable, powerful troops into a single order pool so you don’t have to split your order resources.

Funnily enough, in N3, Limited Insertion lists generally did not weather degradation very well, as attacking the order pool would do quite a bit of damage. In N4, with splits like 7-6 between combat groups (instead of 10-3, for example) happening fairly often, crippling a single combat group is not unheard of, which can lead to a game loss depending on the redundancy between groups. Packing everything into a single group and including either extra orders, resilient troops, or both, can do a lot to help you stay in the game. With careful construction of the combat group or adding in Counter-Intelligence if it’s available, I think single combat group lists are quite viable in N4, especially if you’re going second and are prepared to play a cagey game.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a few games I’ve played in N4 using carefully constructed single combat groups:

You don’t even necessarily need to have links in your list–vanilla lists are quite capable of getting useful work done with only a single combat group. So, think about it, pack your list full of fun, expensive toys, and test your skills against the challenge of Limited Insertion in N4!

The Mission

A big thanks to Clint (pseudonymmster) for coming up with the idea for this mission! If you have ideas for missions that you want to share, send ’em in!

  1. Build a list with only one combat group!
  2. Play a game!
  3. Write in with your experience for the chance to win fabulous prizes!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t play Nomads, can I still submit? — Yes! All factions are welcome!
  • Can I submit from <X> country? — Yes! We take submissions from anywhere in the world, and will ship prizes anywhere you can get mail!
  • Are TableTop Simulator games valid? — Yes! Stay safe out there!

How to Submit

  • Let us know how you did by writing in to [email protected]!
  • We’re accepting submissions until the last day of July, 2021!
  • If you’re going to write a battle report, please use the battle report template below, and share it with [email protected].
  • If you don’t want to write a battle report, that’s okay. Some prose capturing your thoughts and experiences is also acceptable!

If you share the Google doc with me, that saves me TONS of time handling the images. If you can, please avoid sending me a MS Word or LibreOffice file, and just click the “share” button in Google Docs. Sending me a file will get you caught by my spam filter!

As a thank you for participating, you’ll be entered to win a blister of your choice, shipped to your door by Mythic Games!

If you’d prefer a Bromad Academy patch, we can mail that to you instead! You only get one or the other though.

Winners will be selected by, because it’s AWESOME…

And that’s it! Good hunting, and stay safe out there!

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