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Fist Full of Firsts! 

Fist Full of Firsts! 

By David Montalvan (osographic) 


  • Mission: Resilience Operations
    • Cybersiege
    • Decimate the Enemy Forces
    • Triangulate the Signal 
  • Battle Conditions: CQB, Arctic Combat
  • Forces: Kosmoflot versus Nomads (150)
  • Deploy First: Kosmoflot 
  • First Turn: Kosmoflot 

Army Code: 

Open in Army

This was our first game in over a year so my buddy and I wanted to keep things small, quick and simple-ish. He hosted and set up a beautiful 36”x36” table full of Micro Art Studio’s District 5 terrain.  Although we’ve always played at 300 points, we decided to ease back in at 150 with no list restrictions. First time trying Resilience Ops and Battle Conditions and my first time playing Kosmo. Feels so good to be back on the tabletop! 


My skirmishers hugged one flank poised to push towards the denser cover further up the table. Also on that side of the table was the building I picked to be my Cybersiege target. The Core fireteam was set up between my right flank and center. This table had a wide, diagonal firelane that I avoided. The Irmandindo was deployed close to said firelane to provide smoke cover. I held no models in reserve. 

My plan was to keep the Scot Guard watching the center firelane to hopefully cut down Nomads and score some points for Decimate Enemy Forces. The Bearpode would creep up my left flank to keep the other force occupied in their DZ. Everyone else was there as a reserve wave to plant Beepers for Triangulate the Signal and provide fire support during the later turns.  

Across from me was a nice spread of MSV1, Smoke and MIM-6 with plenty of redundancy down to twin Flash REMs. Naturally those were placed in cover watching the center firelane I mentioned before. These were great at occupying some of my orders later on. I wasn’t very sure what the Nomad game plan was since I had no idea what Tactical Objectives were drawn (which I really like). 

Turn 1

Top of 1 – Kosmoflot

It took all the will I had not to push the Bearpode all the way up the flank and go nuts! However, I instead use him to secure Objective Points. So after some smoking and dodging up the field Cybersiege was secured. Maybe not the best way to use a Bearpode but I was glad to be on the scoreboard early. And so, I left a blinded bear to the side for intimidation. He can go nuts later if he survives. 

Bottom of 1 – Nomads

The Nomads un-alived the Bearpode (at least he took out some orders during his short stay on the table) and Jazz chucked a pitcher in the path of HI:Patcher. Meanwhile, Kusanagi secured a really sweet fire lane behind the safety of smoke. By the end of the turn she sat behind cover in Suppressive Fire with MIM-6 right across from the Scot Guard Lieutenant. In other words, a real pain to remove. If I wanted to get out of that situation in my turn I’d have to get creative or lucky. 

Turn 2

Top of 2 – Kosmoflot

I got lucky! Irmandinho rolled Grenades for his Booty. I moved him up to the other side of the building where Kusanagi was hidden behind and used Speculative Attack until she was gone. I’ve never done that before and although it was order-intense, it was so worth it. Meanwhile the Unknown Ranger broke from the fireteam and went solo taking out softer targets like Jazz and Zonds. 

Bottom of 2 – Nomads

Alas, the Nomads were low on Orders and in LoL so were forced to retreat. We called it there and re-racked for another game. Kosmoflot wins!  

Post Game Analysis 

When I made this list I wanted to only use painted models that I enjoyed seeing on the tabletop. It just so happens that their profiles are also badass! The Bearpode was a real threat and something that couldn’t be ignored. Unknown Ranger was an amazing bully!

Alas, I didn’t secure any Objective Points for Triangulate the Signal. Maybe I should’ve killed less models and used Impetuous with Denma and the Varangian to move up and drop some Beepers. In our second game, I swapped them for a Motorized 112 (painted of course). It proved a better choice for my playstyle plus having a doctor was very comforting. 

The Nomads constantly challenged me with bad firefights. I never caught a model outside of cover and that MIM-6 was very present. My saving grace was the table size and density. With those I was able to use templates and even things out. Such a great game and way to get back into Infinity! The list building for Resilience Operations is super fun and much more flexible. 

Group shot of my Kosmoflot. Cheers! 

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